How to Find Castle Key In Pet Simulator 99

Pet Simulator 99 is a popular game on the Roblox platform where players can collect and raise virtual pets. One of the quests in the game is finding the Castle Key, which allows players to unlock the Castle and access new areas and features. Here’s a more detailed guide on how to find the Castle Key in Pet Simulator 99:

Unlocking Area 4

To begin the quest for the Castle Key, players must first unlock Area 4 in Pet Simulator 99. This area can be accessed by progressing through the game and completing various quests and challenges. Once players reach Area 4, they will see a huge castle on their left side.

Obtaining the Castle Key

To unlock the Castle, players must obtain the Castle Key. To do this, they must rebirth in the game. Rebirthing in Pet Simulator 99 involves reaching a rebirth statue every 25 zones. Players can only rebirth once per statue for the entire game. Once players have rebirthed, they will receive the Castle Key as a reward. In addition to the Castle Key, players will also receive other rewards such as a 75% increase in pet strength, the ability to teleport, and more.

Unlocking the Castle

Once players have obtained the Castle Key, they can use it to unlock the Castle in Pet Simulator 99. Once unlocked, players will find a Spinny Wheel for rewards and a Crystal chest that needs a key.

The Crystal Key can be obtained by completing various quests and challenges in the game. Once players have obtained the Crystal Key, they can use it to unlock the Crystal chest in the Castle and receive various rewards.


Finding the Castle Key in Pet Simulator 99 is an important part of the game’s progression. By following these steps and exploring the game world, players can unlock new areas and features and continue to enjoy the game. Happy pet collecting!

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