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How to Find treasure in Minecraft Bedrock (Complete guide)

This is no eye-opener that Minecraft is very often called an exploration game. This means everyone makes up a unique world and paves their path through the pros and cons moments of the game. Some people find extraordinary loot while others drop into horrendous dripstone caves.

However, one thing that is always a cherry on the cake is the buried treasure, which draws players into the game the most. There are certain tips and tricks as to How to find treasure in Minecraft Bedrock. Minecraft offers its players a variety of treasure maps, sunken ships, and rare loot in a quest.

What is a Buried Treasure in Minecraft Bedrock?

Buried Treasure is a plunder chest in Minecraft with numerous intriguing things. From food amenities to apparatuses and minerals, it has a few things that can assist you with survival in the game. Assuming that you want to make a Conduit in Minecraft, you will require this chest. It is the sole source of the Heart of the Sea. Making a conduit with it will give you Minecraft God-like powers yet remember to emphasize underwater mobs.

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Where to find a Treasure Map in Minecraft Bedrock?

 A buried treasure is especially sought on the ocean floor or buried under the beach. It can be found with the help of a map and one can only find the map at two rare locations. The first one is the underwater ruin, which has less than a 50% chance of containing the map. The second location is the shipwrecks, which, at certain times, contain a map chest. We’ll focus on shipwrecks as the chances of finding treasure there are higher.

Stepwise Guide on How to find treasure in Minecraft Bedrock

Step 1: Locate a Shipwreck

The very first thing which you need to find in your Minecraft game is a shipwreck or damaged ship-like structures which are the storehouses of treasure.  You can locate them under the ocean bed or floating on the surface of the ocean and if you are lucky enough maybe you can find them sitting on the beaches. 

Step 2: Find a Treasure Map

There are three storage chests on a shipwreck, each containing different kinds of loot – ranging from supplies like food supplies and armours and ammunitions to precious materials such as gold ingots or diamonds. Therefore, the treasure map is usually hidden in one of the chests on a shipwreck.

Step 3: Locate the buried treasure on the Map

A buried treasure in Minecraft is essentially found close to where you have sought the map. Hence, if you did find it on a shipwreck, the treasure will be nearby a beach biome.

Step 4: Dig a bit till you reach the Treasure

Once you have located the approximate location of the treasure map you need to dig until you ultimately reach it. As the treasure is mostly found around a beach you need to dig in around sandy blocks. Hence, if you find the chest the loot is all yours.

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Step 5: Enjoy the Treasure

Enjoy all the riches that come with the loot like gold, diamonds, emeralds, TNT, and even the Heart of the Sea.

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