A JNI error has occurred Minecraft server

How to Fix JNI Error has Occurred Minecraft Server (2024 Guide)

You are still facing the JNI error has occurred error? Then you really need to go through this article. In this article, we are mentioning some of the real-time solutions and the reason behind this error. You just need to stick to the article till the end and grab some useful information.

So, some Minecraft users face this error when they start the game. This error become common and reported by many users. When the user starts the client or server “A JNI error has occurred, please check your installation and try again”. As per the reports, this error mainly occurs in Minecraft version 21w19a and newer.

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Why Does A JNI Error Occur in Minecraft?

There are mainly two reasons behind this error. We will be discussing these reasons-

  • The old version of Java: The previous version of Minecraft supports the older version of Java since previously it comes with the server software that was capable of older versions of Java. Now, due to new updates to Minecraft, it requires Java to get up and running properly.
  • Java Path Error: This causes when the system has a variable path for Java corrupted. This may happen due to the reason the launcher thinks Java is not actually installed on the computer.

If you are well aware of the reason behind this error then we recommend you go through this solution. Below are some of the solutions for A JNI error that occurs in Minecraft.

Solution For A JNI error Occur in Minecraft

Go through these few solutions for better results-

  • Solution 1: Latest Java Installation: This is the most common solution for Minecraft users. This error occurs when you don’t have the latest version of Java installed on your PC. To fix this problem you just need to update the latest version of Java or install the latest version of Java.

Note: Minecraft Launcher should be completely closed while this process.

Below are the steps to update Java-

  1. First, Download the latest version of Java from the official site. Make sure to download the file ending with .exe.
  2. Now after downloading Java, instal it on your computer.
  3. You just need to follow the instruction given while installing.
  • Solution 2: Removal of Broken System Variables: Since we have gone through the previous solution and still you are facing A JNI Error that has occurred in Minecraft. Then it can be due to the corrupted system path variable in Java. This can be solved by just some of the screen modifications and system properties.

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Below are the steps to fix this error-

  1. First, press Win+R to open the Run dialogue box. Type sysdm.cpl and just hit the Enter button.
  2. Now, in the System Properties window, you have to switch to the Advance Tab.
  3. Then click on the Environment Variable button.
  4. In the next window, select Environment variables for Java and delete it.

End Words

In this article, we have discussed many of the topics like the reason behind the “A JNI Error has occurred Minecraft” error and their solutions. We have mentioned some of the main problems and their effective solutions.

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