How to Fix Pokemon Go Can’t Detect Camera Orientation

Facing a Camera Orientation issue in Pokemon Go? Then you are at the right article. In this article, we gonna discuss how to fix the Pokemon Go detect camera issue. This problem is faced by many Pokemon Go players. So, we will completely cover this issue and its solution in this article.

Pokemon Go is a Mobile game launched in 2016 augmented. This was developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo. This game is available on two platforms Android and IOS devices. This game is an open-world game, you have to walk through your town to get a real experience of pokemon go. This game was Nominated in BAFTA Games for EE Mobile Game of the Year, MORE. The game was initially released on 6 July 2016.

Apart from these, Pokemon Go has different types of bugs and issues which are faced by the players. These issues are server crashes, Pokemon go not downloading, Failing to detect location in Pokemon Go, GPS signal not found, player or character not moving in the game and many more issues reported. So we are gonna discuss How to Fix Pokemon Go can’t Detect Camera Orientation.

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How To Fix Pokemon Go can’t Detect Camera Orientation (Android/iOS)

Before I continue this topic I would like to tell you that this method is tried by many Pokemon Go players and we are mentioning this method in their reviews. Try every method One-by-one if you are not getting results.

So below we will be mentioning some of the methods to Fix Pokemon Go can’t Detect Camera Orientation on Android and IOS. It is recommended to perform a complete process without any skip. These methods are recommended by many players of Pokemon Go.

How To Fix Pokémon Go can’t Detect Camera Orientation

This is a very method of fixing this issue. In this method, you have to check whether your mobile device contains a gyroscope feature or not. This feature is usually provided in many phones nowadays but for those who are still using old models of mobile devices then you should check whether your device is providing a gyroscope feature or not. If your device is equipped with a Gyroscope, Still pokemon go can’t detect camera orientation. The most possible solution is to enable your auto-rotation and start the game.

What is Gyroscope?

A device consisting of a wheel that turns very quickly inside a frame and does not change position when the frame is moved. So, if you are getting this pop-up then it may be a fault on the gyroscope or your device. It is recommended to check whether your device supports the gyroscope feature or not.

Why Pokémon Go is not detecting my Camera/Phone’s Orientation?

So, while we are discussing Fix Pokemon Go can’t Detect Camera Orientation you will experience that when you start the battle in Pokemon Go, the battle starts in AR mode. But then a pop-up will appear We are not detecting your Android orientation Would you like to turn Off AR mode? This is because of the gyroscope of your device.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed How To Fix Pokemon Go can’t Detect Camera Orientation. It is recommended that you should share this method with your friends so that they can get information regarding this problem.

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