How to Fix PUBG Mobile Close Range Lag & Shuttering (2024)

Are you tired of PUBG mobile close-range lag and shuttering problems? Well, you are not the only one. In this article, we will share all the possible ways to reduce lag and shuttering.

PUBG is an online game where the players drop themselves down with the help of a parachute. Once they land, they run and collect weapons and first aid for survival. You’ll be either able to play solo or together with your team. Your motive is to kill your enemies to remain alive. At the end of the game, what matters is you get rewarded with “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. 

Automatic sprinting, automatic upgrade looting and other features make this game more popular among its players. This game is incredibly fascinating to play; however, the lagging issue has been troublesome to the players. The mobile version of the PUBG game consists of many bugs that tend to make the device run slow.

Mostly, the lag occurs in the game due to rendering. There will be more lag rendering in areas like Bootcamp and Pochinki if you land on an intense spot where enemies land for loots and kill. Here is a list of a few tips to enhance the game experience:

  • Install VPN to unravel any ping problems if present
  • Switch to Airplane Mode before setting out to play to avoid unnecessary calls or messages during the game 
  • Set your mic to talk mood
  • It’s desirable to use a Wi-Fi connection rather than your phone Internet Data
  • Based on the location you reside, set your Server

Some more pro-tips:

  • The GFX Tool: GFX tool decreases lagging for PUBG games. It unlocks the Full HD graphics with 60 FPS and makes your graphic and gaming experience extremely smooth. It is safe to say that GFX reduces rendering lag. For android phone users, this tool is available. Filter the cache and reboot your device every time before playing. Remember not to play games on mobile data. Instead, connect your device with a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Device resolution: Change the device resolution from high to low. It can improve your PUBG game performance. You can also change your device resolution using minimal ADB and the Fastboot tool. You need to ensure you are connected to the right Server while playing PUBG mobile to fix this issue. There is an option to select a server based on the location you live in at the top left of the home screen.
  • PGT: Known as Pro Graphics Toolkit, is a paid application that offers lots of features like zero lag mode, GPU optimization, memory booster, etc. as compared to the GFX tool. It improves your PUBG mobile FPS. It also offers optimal settings depending on your device model so that you don’t need to customize all settings in it. Search for your device model and tap on “Import.” In case you want to customize some settings of your own, here are a few instructions to improve your game features and reduce lagging; Change your PGT+ Settings, under the Basic Graphics section:

Change your PGT+ Settings, under the Basic Graphics section as: 

  • Set your Resolution as Default (Auto)
  • Run your Graphics in Smooth settings
  • FPS should be set as extreme (60 FPS)
  • Style should be set as Colourful 
  • Shadow and MSAA should be disabled

Change your Settings under the Miscellaneous Graphics section as:

  • For best performance, Colour Format is 32 Bit
  • Keep the Graphics Rendering Level as Medium
  • Set object LOD Distance and Material LOD Distance to low.
  • Disable Detail Mode and Light Effects. 

Change the Settings Under Advanced Graphics section:

  • Turn On your Memory Boost, Zero Lag mode, Potato graphics, and Save Sensitivity settings
  • The performance should be Max FPS in Zero Lag Profile
  • Optimized Graphics Type should be Smooth
  • Set your Hardware-Accelerated Rendering as OpenGL 2.0 
  • Apply all GPU Optimization

So to sum up, here are a few effective ways to fix PUBG mobile close range Lag:

  • Use the GFX Tool on your android phones.
  • Use minimal ADB and Fastboot tools to change device resolution.
  • Force 4x MSAA and Change Animation Scale regularly
  • Disable your Auto-Adjust Graphics and manually set your graphics 
  • Uninstall apps that you do not use on your phone
  • Do not forget to charge your phone before Playing PUBG 
  • Disable battery saver mode for PUBG
  • Clear your internal Memory Space and Cache
  • Remove any apps that are running in the background
  • Reinstall PUBG Mobile if it hangs, but your internet connection is sufficient.

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