How To Get 10 Rupees Airdrop In Free Fire 2024

Free Fire is a popular mobile battle royale game that is enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. One way that players can earn rewards in the game is through airdrops, which can contain a variety of useful items such as weapons, health kits, and armour. In this article, we will explore how players can get a 10 rs airdrop in Free Fire.

To be eligible for a 10 Rupees Airdrop in Free Fire, players must follow certain rules.

  • They cannot have any rare gun skins or make any transactions in the game.
  • If they have any special gun skins, they must remove them and equip default skins.
  • Players must play in the “Classic Mode Bermuda” and be at level 15 or above.
  • They need to play in the Classic Squad mode and win the game with the most kills to get the special prize.
  • The special prize costs 10 rupees and can also be bought through Google Play or PayTM.
  • The prize will appear on the player’s game screen in a red box when it is available.

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More ways to get 10 Rupees Airdrop in Free Fire

Check for Promotions

The first step to getting a 10 rs airdrop in Free Fire is to check for ongoing promotions. Garena, the developer of Free Fire, often runs promotions that give players free items, including airdrops. These promotions can be found on the Free Fire social media pages or on the game’s official website.

Complete In-Game Tasks

Another way to get a 10 rs airdrop in Free Fire is by completing in-game tasks. These tasks can include killing a certain number of players, surviving for a specific time, or winning a certain number of matches. Completing these tasks will earn players rewards, including airdrops.

Participate in Events

Free Fire frequently runs events that give players the opportunity to earn rewards, including airdrops. These events can range from simple tasks such as logging in daily to more complex challenges that require players to work together to achieve a common goal. Participating in these events can be a great way to earn a 10 rs airdrop in Free Fire.

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Use Redeem Codes

Redeem codes are another way players can earn rewards in Free Fire, including airdrops. These codes can be obtained from Free Fire social media pages or from other sources such as gaming websites or YouTube channels. To use a redemption code, players simply need to enter it into the game’s redemption centre.

Purchase Airdrops

Finally, players can purchase airdrops directly from the in-game store. These airdrops can range in price, but some may cost as little as 10 rs. Players can use diamonds, the in-game currency, to purchase these airdrops.

In conclusion, there are several ways that players can get a 10 rs airdrop in Free Fire. By checking for promotions, completing in-game tasks, participating in events, using redeem codes, and purchasing airdrops, players can earn these valuable rewards and gain an advantage in the game. With a little effort and persistence, anyone can get a 10 rs airdrop in Free Fire.

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