How to Get a Trident in Minecraft: Farm & Recipes

The first equipment in Minecraft to have double ways of coping with damage to players or mobs are known as tridents. Tridents can be used as regular weapons or as ranged, discarded. To get rid of the trident, you have to click the attack button, and a charging animation will be displayed, which is similar to a bow.

If tridents are thrown at an equal distance as an arrow is shot, it can be compared to a bow, but the trident provides an advantage in that the speed is not slowed down while travelling in water. The trident can be repaired just like other weapons in the game, and it follows the process of merging with another trident by crafting or using an anvil.

How to Get a Trident in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, there is no single method to have a trident in Minecraft. But, by killing drowned, you can craft a trident. This is the sole process to get a trident in Minecraft. There is only a 0.53% possibility of gaining access to a trident after killing a drowned. However, the changes can be increased by utilizing a weapon named a looting III sword for defeating and eventually killing the players or mobs.

Easiest Way to Get a Trident in Minecraft

The easiest way to get a trident is to defeat or kill a drowned. Not all drowned carry tridents, but only a few own a trident, and they will drop that trident once they get killed. Don’t expect drowned to carry numerous tridents because all the mobs do not have them. The best area where Drown usually spawns in rivers and oceans. One must ensure that the light level is under eight and farm for it.

In bedrock, you can attach a zombie spawner to a water pool so that the spawning zombies can transform into drowned. Tridents can be available from this drowning. You can opt for going to the ocean or large rivers for better chances of killing the drowned. Tridents are usually easy to break, and they come in red durability, so one has to be alert and assure that they have a spare Mending book.


From a Drowned, the chances of getting a trident are only 6.25% (15% in Bedrock Edition). The other factor is that tridents only have an 8.5% luck of falling from a Drowned who holds a trident. The possibility of getting this improved is by 1%, which is by Looting enchantment on a weapon. From the above factors, we see that the chances of getting a trident in Minecraft are sporadic.

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How Do You Make A Trident Farm in Minecraft

  • Step 1: First, search for a proper location for your new trident farm.
  • Step 2: The climbing tower needs to be built then.
  • Step 3: Build a powerful killing platform.
  • Step 4: Create your drop shaft for your trident farm.
  • Step 5: The spawning platform needs to be built at last.


One of the most potent weapons players can get in Minecraft is the trident. This is quite useful because tridents can be used for close-range and long-range combats. Minecraft’s enchantments are loyalty enchantment, channelling, impaling, riptide, unbreaking, mending, and the curse of vanishing.

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