How to Get Bamboo in Minecraft (July 2024)

Minecraft is justly called a game of surprises as it offers many pleasantries which are exotic and rare. Such a rare sighting is finding a Bamboo plant while exploring the vast jungles. Items such as bamboo can be resourceful to the players in the Minecraft universe. Bamboo is generally used to smelt various items and to cook food items. It is also used to craft and scaffold numerous items and to breed Pandas as and when needed.

So, bamboo can come in handy if a player wants to breed a Panda. Pandas in Minecraft are very rare sightings and have the least chance of spawning. They usually spawn in pairs of one or two in jungle biomes. Pandas can be bred using Bamboo in Minecraft. They do not attack unless they are attacked. This article will offer you a stepwise guide on How to get bamboo in Minecraft.

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Ways to obtain Bamboo in Minecraft

Method 1: Natural Generation from Jungle Biomes

Bamboo can be naturally generated from the growing Jungle biomes. The tip is to not opt for this method as bamboo jungle biomes are very rare sightings. Sometimes the players can just take an entry into a random seed and that one may not spawn at all.

The Jungles naturally spawn next to the Taiga biome or in close proximity to the extreme hill biomes. Players are able to spot jungles easily due to the vines and trees. Jungles can often grow next to desert biomes.

Method 2: Pandas

This is genuinely a sick hack to obtain bamboo. During a mob loot, inside the jungle biome, the player has to get lucky with one spawning. When pandas are killed they drop 1-2 bamboos for the players to collect. Looting increases the drop by 1 per level. Similarly, Pandas can also be bred by using bamboo! So, breed as many Pandas as you wish!

Method 3: Fishing

The other way to get bamboo is fishing where the players may accidentally acquire a junk item like this by fishing inside the jungle biome. to fish a player may make a fishing rod by opening the crafting box to the 3×3 crafting grid, and then by placing three sticks and two strings inside the grid. The players can fish on a boat, standing in or outside water. They need to put on their fishing rod, wait for a fish to be caught and then pull it back out.

Method 4: Jungle Temple Chests

Temples are located inside jungle Biomes wherein a chest can be found which when looted players can find 1-3 sticks of bamboo and other valuable resources.

Method 5: Shipwrecks

Though it is rare bamboo can be found sometimes in shipwrecks in the Minecraft Universe.

FYI – If a Bamboo block is destroyed, any other Bamboo which is placed above it will also be destroyed.

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How to farm Bamboo in Minecraft

Bamboo can be planted and grown on grass, dust, sand, Mycelium, Podzol, Coarse Dirt or red sand. If a Bone Meal is applied to it, it will grow 1–2 blocks taller (up to 12-16 blocks).

How to craft Bamboo in Minecraft

  • 2 Bamboos => 1 Stick
  • 6 Bamboo + 1 String  => 6 Scaffolding

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