How to Get Better in Goddess Of Victory Nikke

Are you trying to get better at playing the game Goddess of Victory by using different types of equipment? If so, you’re in the right place! We have helpful tips and tricks that will improve your gameplay and help you succeed in the game.

Equipment is really important in the game Goddess of Victory Nikke. It helps boost your heroes’ stats and makes them better at different missions based on what you need. There are lots of different equipment options to choose from, so you can personalize and improve your heroes’ gear to make them stronger and more skilled.

This wide variety of equipment gives you the power to adapt and plan well, so you can win every mission you take on. Make smart choices and give your heroes the best gear to overcome the challenges in front of them!

There are different slots for equipment for different Nikke, and you can only place one piece of equipment at a time at a given slot.

You can get equipment by clearing game levels in the ark, especially the intercept. The intercept game mode is the best mode to get equipment from in the game as it contains better equipment than any other mode.

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Equipment is essential for improving your NIKKE’s strength in Goddess of Victory Nikke. With better equipment, your NIKKEs will be able to deal more damage, take more hits, and survive longer in battle.

There are a few ways to get better equipment in Goddess of Victory Nikke:

  • Completing Campaign Stages: You can get some basic equipment by completing campaign stages. The higher the stage, the better the equipment you will get.
  • Interception: You can also get better equipment by participating in interception battles. These battles are more difficult than campaign stages, but the rewards are also better.
  • Manufacturing: You can also manufacture your own equipment. This requires materials that you can get from campaign stages, interception battles, and events.
  • Events: There are often events that offer special equipment as rewards. These events are a great way to get rare and powerful equipment.

The rewards are similar to other game modes until level 5 of damage level, but as soon as you cross level 5, you can see an increase in the rarity of the equipment you can earn.

Until level 5 of damage level, you can get Tier 4 Equipment/ Plus tier equipment in the game. But at level 6 of the damage/ reward level, you get one extra gear with a 100% chance of dropping a Plus Tier 4 equipment, which is the highest tier you can earn.

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Final Words

So that’s all we have in this article. To summarise, you should try to get to damage level 6 or higher so that you can get that one extra chest with guaranteed plus-tier equipment. If you have any issues then make sure to ask them in the comments section below.

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