How to Get Cat Hoverboard in Pet Sim X (Guide)

Obtaining the Cat Hoverboard is one of Roblox Pet Simulator X’s many exciting objectives. Hoverboards let you go around the game faster while just moving around the map. Instead of running on foot, you may strap on the board and zoom about. Hoverboard speeds vary based on how difficult it is to get one. If you want to learn how to get the Cat Hoverboard in Pet sim X, this guide will teach you how.

What is the Cat Hoverboard?

There is no normal method for getting the Cat Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X. Be that as it may, it was unmistakably alluded to in the Mastery Update distributed on March fifth, 2022. It should now be possible to gain it in the game, but it has yet to be discovered.

If we had to guess how the Cat Hoverboard was obtained, we’d say it included acquiring all of the game’s Mastery skills. According to the official patch notes, this will deliver a “special prize,” but no information on what that prize will be. The Cat Hoverboard was also teased here.

While this is yet to be confirmed, we will look out for when the Cat Hoverboard is released. This is similar to the Pog Cat Achievement, which was ultimately found and obtained when the game was still developing. If mastering talents is the goal, it will take some time to determine the appropriate strategy.

Is the Cat Hoverboard Currently Obtainable?

It is as yet unclear how to get the Cat Hoverboard.

The Cat Hoverboard stands out due to its confusing description (‘meow’) and absence of singular achievement.

There’s a rumour that, unlike the Sleigh Hoverboard, this hoverboard won’t require a gamepass or money to unlock and will instead require a different technique.

What Have YouTubers Tried so far to Unlock the Cat Hoverboard?

Numerous speculations have been scrutinized and disproven, for example,

  • Acquiring each feline in the game, including gold, rainbow, and dull matter felines.
  • Turning each of your felines brilliant
  • Procuring the gigantic felines in general.
  • Naming your pets ‘meow’.

Popular Ideas on How to Get the Cat Hoverboard

Here are a few of the most popular misconceptions about how to get a Cat Hoverboard:

  • The Cat Hoverboard could probably be developer-exclusive, meaning that it will only be available to the game’s designers.
  • According to popular belief, the Cat Hoverboard is hidden behind a locked door in a chamber, requiring first the discovery of the location and then the finding of the secret pass to unlock the door.
  • It’s conceivable that, like the PogChamp Achievement, we’ll hear more from the designers or find more information in-game at some time in the future.


That’s all we know about acquiring the Cat Hoverboard right now. No one in the game has the hoverboard yet, and gamers are putting new hypotheses to the test every day as they try to find out how to get their hands on it.

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