How to Get Hayato Character in Free Fire [Guide]

Want to show off Hayato’s character to your friends? Then you should try this out. In this game, we are gonna mention some of the steps or you can say guide for you. Free fire is really amazing game that has gained almost 225 Million downloads in the first three quarters of 2020 alone.

This game is extremely popular throughout the world. We are provided you with some more guides on your website you can go through that articles and if you get any issues then make you inform our team will definitely reach you as soon as possible.

What is Hayato Character in Free Fire?

There are many characters in the Free Fire and one of the famous is Hayato. We make sure you that Hayato’s ability is called ‘Bushido’.

Advantages of this Hayato Abilities-

  • Increases the armour penetration by 8%
  • 10% decrease in the max HP
  • A 10% decrease would lead to the armour penetration increasing by 10%.

How to get Hayato character in Free Fire

In this section, we are going to mention some of the quick steps to get Hayato’s character in your account. We mention to you that this character is not available for free so you have to spend 8000 Gold/ 499 Diamond. Go through these steps and it is recommended to don’t skip any step-

  • Open the Free Fire application and tap on the store icon in the main menu.
  • The in-game store will open and tap on the ‘Character’ section.
  • The list of characters will appear from which you can find Hayato.
  • Tap on the character and then you have to tap on the purchase button.
  • A window will appear from where you will be getting an option that by which currency you want to purchase the character.
  • You can go through to your favourite currency.
  • Hence you have successfully purchased the character.

End Words

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