How to Get Pure Prisms FGO in Fate/Grand Order 2024

“Pure Prism” is a term used in the mobile game Fate/Grand Order (FGO) to refer to a 5-star servant that has been fully levelled and ascended with the highest rarity and maximum potential.

Pure Prism is basically a currency that can be exchanged at Da Vinci’s Workshop for various Ascension Items. You can exchange Pure Prism with 100 items. Here are some tips on how to obtain a Pure Prism servant in FGO:

Participate in events

Events in FGO often offer limited-time servants as rewards, and these are often the best way to obtain a Pure Prism servant. Make sure to check the event schedule and participate in as many events as possible to increase your chances of obtaining a desired servant.

Save up your Saint Quartz

Saint Quartz is the premium currency in FGO and is used to obtain servants and perform various actions in the game. Saving up your Saint Quartz and using it to perform a “Summoning” event, which randomly gives you a servant from a pool of possible servants, can increase your chances of getting a Pure Prism servant.

Utilize the Friend Point Summon

In FGO, you can earn Friend Points by interacting with other players, such as by sending and receiving gifts. These Friend Points can be used to perform a “Friend Point Summon,” which also randomly gives you a servant, but with a higher chance of obtaining a 4 or 5-star servant.

Trade with other players: You can also obtain a Pure Prism servant by trading with other players. Look for players who have duplicate servants and are willing to trade them for one of your own. You can also find other players looking to trade servants on various FGO communities or forums.

Be Patient

Obtaining a Pure Prism servant in FGO takes time and effort. Be patient and keep playing the game, participating in events, and saving up resources. Eventually, with a bit of luck, you will obtain your desired servant.

It’s worth mentioning that, obtaining a pure prism servant is not the only way to enjoy the game, and that the variety of servants with different skill sets, Noble Phantasm and abilities is what makes the game fun and exciting.

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