How to Kill the Turtle Monster in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact, the popular action role-playing game, features a variety of challenging enemies to defeat. Among these foes is the infamous turtle monster that has left many players feeling frustrated and defeated. In this article, we’ll explore some strategies for taking down the turtle monster and provide some alternative methods for dealing with this tricky enemy.

The turtle monster is a formidable opponent that boasts 999% resistance to all damage types. While it may not have an HP bar, it still poses a threat to players with its powerful attacks and durability. The turtle monster is typically found in the open-world environment, so players need to be prepared to face it at any time.

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Frustrations of Players

Players have expressed their frustrations with the turtle monster on forums and message boards, with many noting the difficulty of defeating it. Some have tried using heavy attacks or shooting them with arrows but to no avail. Others have remarked that the turtle monster seems completely invincible, leaving them feeling hopeless and frustrated.

Strategies for Killing the Turtle Monster

Before jumping into battle with the turtle monster, it’s essential to understand its characteristics and resistance. As mentioned, the turtle monster has 999% resistance to all damage types, making it nearly impossible to defeat with brute force. However, there are elemental attacks and characters that can help players take it down.

Recommended Elemental Attacks and Characters to Use Players can use elemental attacks that the turtle monster is vulnerable to, such as Electro or Pyro, to whittle down its defences. Additionally, some characters have specific abilities that can bypass the monster’s resistance, such as Klee’s mines or Xinyan’s shield.

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Tips for Avoiding the Monster’s Attacks

While attacking the turtle monster, players should be mindful of its powerful attacks. It can launch a barrage of missiles or use a spin attack that covers a wide area. Players can dodge these attacks by moving quickly and staying aware of their surroundings.

Suggestions for Using the Monster to Recharge Energy Another approach to dealing with the turtle monster is to use it to recharge energy. Players can attack the monster until it retreats into its shell, at which point they can stand on its back and use it as a platform to recharge their elemental skills.

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Alternative Methods for Dealing with the Turtle Monster

If all else fails, players can look to the Genshin Impact community for ideas and inspiration. Some players have suggested using puzzle-like approaches to defeat the monster, such as knocking it off a platform. Others have experimented with glitches or exploits, though this is not recommended as it violates the spirit of the game.


While the turtle monster may seem unbeatable at first, there are various strategies and approaches that players can use to defeat it. The key is to experiment with different elemental attacks and characters, stay aware of the monster’s attacks, and keep trying until you find a method that works. Remember to respect the game and not resort to cheats or exploits, and most importantly, have fun exploring the world of Genshin Impact.

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