How to Make a Mob Spawner in Minecraft (Guide 2024)

Because mob spawners can only be accessed with the help of hackers, many players are ignorant of their existence in Minecraft. Players that use a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe will be unable to collect these blocks for a good cause.

The Mob will respawn when a player approaches a mob spawner, and the player will be able to use the Mob’s resources. These spawners have been found in many natural structures, including underground dungeons and nether castles (seen above).

Mob Spawners (or Monster Spawners) now feature a transparent black lattice structure with purple-eyed skull designs as part of their new texture. It’s available in several locations. The block contains non-light-generating flame particles and a spinning duplicate of the Mob they produce.

This will steadily pick up speed until the next batch of mobs comes when mined with a Pickaxe. They drop the experience, but acquiring it without the Silk Touch enchantment is difficult. In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, you’ll find them in the Creative inventory.

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Where are Mob Spawners Most Common?

Mob spawners are very popularly utilized for farming XP and various items dropped by monsters. For example, flaming rods may be obtained by visiting the Nether and finding a blaze spawner.If you shatter it with a pickaxe, a monster spawner will drop 15 to 43 experience orbs. Nothing will happen if you smash it with anything else.

Players will not come across a mob spawner at random in the Minecraft universe. They only occur in specific regions of the game. Cave spider spawners are most commonly seen in Mineshafts in Minecraft. A mineshaft is a tunnelled construction with cobwebs and tunnels located underground.

Some tunnels and mob spawners may be discovered hidden behind enormous expanses of cobwebs. Woodland Mansions are unusual structures that may be located far away from the spawning location in gloomy forests. These palaces are typically home to evokers and vindicators.

How to Find a Mob Spawner in Minecraft?

A monster spawner is a Minecraft feature that allows you to create hostile creatures. Dungeons, fortifications, abandoned Mine Shafts, and subterranean defences are among the areas where they can be discovered. They resemble a cage with a fire inside that doesn’t really emit light and revolves around the spawner’s chosen creature.

A spawner generates monsters when a specific amount of time has passed, and the mob inside keeps spinning faster and emitting a burst of fire until the next Mob spawns. Monster spawners are frequently seen in the vicinity of one or two chests. The Mob will appear and then vanish in a second when playing on Peaceful.

  • The most prevalent spawners are zombie spawners, which may be found in dungeons.
  • Spell spawners such as spiders and skeletons are widespread in dungeons.
  • Blaze spawners can only be found in The Nether’s strongholds.
  • Monster spawners are only available in version 1.8 of the game. Use the command /give [PLAYERNAME] mob spawner [AMOUNT] in the chat box.

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Easiest Ways to Find Mob Spawners in Minecraft

Mob spawners are cage-like blocks that, when approached, spawn monsters. You’ll discover several places in Minecraft, including –

Forest Mansions: This woodland home is challenging to locate due to its rarity. It can be discovered in dark woodlands or distant from the spawning location.

These mansions were home to Evokers and Vindicators, respectively.

There’s a chance of finding a spider spawner in a cobweb-covered secret zone. This odd chamber is usually located on the second or third floor and is seen through a window.


This Minecraft tutorial will show you how to locate a spawner. This essay will attempt to provide you with all the required and pertinent information that a novice to the Minecraft world should know. If you have any more questions, we have another FAQ section that may be able to assist you in achieving your goal.

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