How to Make a Stonecutter in Minecraft [Recipe]

In the open-world sandbox game Minecraft, users are free to create whatever they like. In Minecraft, the stonecutter provides one of the essential tools for construction. In this article, we will examine each of its specifics and demonstrate the best ways to apply them.

The Stonecutter recipe in Minecraft can be discovered in village homes. They could be used as a substitute for a crafting table or even to create stone blocks in smaller numbers. When constructing other stone objects, such as cobblestones, a stonecutter just needs one material.

Stonecutters spawn in Mason’s home and can be discovered within village residences. Players can use this tool to skip some steps that aren’t possible to skip when utilising crafting tables. For example, one brick of cobblestone can be used to create stone stairs rather than several.

Players can create items like stone blocks, staircases, bricks, stone brick steps, and stone bricks by using stone cutters. The stone cutter essentially creates a shortcut since players would only have to utilise an ordinary stone block to create the chiselled blocks.

What is the Stonecutter Recipe in Minecraft?

A crafting block called the Stonecutter is something that can be used to create and mould virtually any stone-like structure in the game. The blocks are divided into smaller, more symmetrical blocks using them. The Stonecutters could be discovered naturally in Masons’ homes in villages.

In Minecraft, the main place to make anything and anybody is the crafting table. The presence of a stonecutter in masonry is a given, even though not every town has one.

Players can mine for these with a pickaxe. The primary goal of the Stonecutter recipe in Minecraft is to produce stone-related blocks relatively more quickly than the crafting table. It produces stone-related structures quickly and effortlessly. Players can immediately drop the blocks in it in order for it to operate without using a recipe!

How to Make a Stonecutter in Minecraft?

One ingot of iron and three stones are required. You can build this workstation anywhere you are in the neighbourhood after you have these materials. It has the capability to create many different types of stone steps, slabs, and a lot more.

In Minecraft, 3 stone blocks and an iron ingot are needed to create a stonecutter. Stone blocks can be converted back into their original form by being melted in a furnace. Stone blocks can also be extracted straight from the ground by players who give their pickaxe the Silk Touch enchant.

To create three stone blocks, melt three cobblestone ones in a furnace. By smelting subsurface iron ore, an iron ingot is produced.  A stone block can be transformed straight into a chipped stone brick by the Stonecutter recipe in Minecraft, skipping a number of steps in the making process.

By melting iron pieces discovered in caverns and ravines, one can produce iron ingots. In random boxes all across the world, players could also find iron ingots. Whereas the crafting table needs six blocks to make four sets of stairs, the stonecutter can create one set of stairs for every stone block.


So, if you own a Stonecutter recipe in Minecraft, you should use it to manufacture the majority of your building materials. You can use them to make ingots of copper and gold, as well as various kinds of stone blocks. Adding one before constructing your home completely can even be advised.

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