How to Remaster Monsters in Cassette Beasts (Evolve)

Cassette Beasts is a popular role-playing game where players can capture, train, and battle with monsters. One of the main features of the game is the ability to remaster or evolve monsters. Evolving monsters in Cassette Beasts requires collecting stars and using them to upgrade your cassette tapes. Here’s how to remaster monsters in Cassette Beasts:

Collect Stars

To evolve monsters in Cassette Beasts, you need to collect stars. Every cassette that you capture a monster in, will display the number of stars obtained for the monster. The number of stars required to remaster a monster varies depending on the monster’s level and rarity. The more stars you collect, the stronger your monster will become.

You can collect stars by exploring the game and completing in-game quests. Battles with other trainers and their monsters also yield stars. In total, you need to collect 5 stars before you can try to remaster monsters in the game.

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Use Upside-Down Grapes

Upside-Down Grapes are an upgrade item that can instantly grant one star to your cassette tape. However, these grapes are rare and difficult to obtain. You have to grind a bit to find them. Keep in mind that they can only add one star to your cassette.

Remaster Monsters

Once you have collected 5 stars on your cassette, you can rest at a Campfire or visit the Cafe to remaster your tapes and evolve your monster. Upon reaching either of the sites, you will get the option to remaster your tapes and evolve the monster.

Select “Yes” and you will see your monster evolve. Remastering your tapes will make your monster stronger and better. Some monsters can only be obtained by remastering the tapes.

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Evolving monsters in Cassette Beasts is a fun and rewarding experience. Collecting stars and using Upside-Down Grapes are the two primary ways to upgrade your cassette tapes. Once you have collected 5 stars, you can remaster your tapes and evolve your monster. Keep evolving your monsters to progress through the game and become a powerful trainer.

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