How to Unlock All Hidden Wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever is a new wrestling game that features a roster of over 100 wrestlers, including both current and former All Elite Wrestling stars. However, there are also a few hidden wrestlers that players can unlock by completing certain tasks. So without wasting any time let’s go to the guide where we will share how to unlock all hidden wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever.

Here we have made a guide on how to unlock all hidden wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever:

Owen Hart

  • Play 100 exhibition matches. This is the easiest hidden wrestler to unlock, as you just need to play 100 exhibition matches. The difficulty of the matches doesn’t matter, so you can just set the difficulty to easy and grind out the matches.

Brodie Lee

  • Lose the Casino Battle Royale as quickly as possible. This will start you on the “Who’s Ribbing Me?” storyline.
  • Win all of your next matches, including claiming the tag belts. This will trigger an event where John Silver invites you to join the Dark Order.
  • Say yes to joining the Dark Order. This will start the “Join the Dark Order” storyline.
  • Win the Fatal Four Way match. This will trigger an event where Brodie Lee attacks you.
  • Win the TNT Championship match against Brodie Lee. This will unlock Brodie Lee in the in-game store.

Paul Wight

  • Keep losing all of your matches until you reach the storyline “Who’s Ribbing Me?” (block 4C).
  • When asked what to do, pick “Go Sightseeing”. This will start the “Go Sightseeing” storyline.
  • During this event, you’ll be invited to join the dark order, to which you should say yes.
  • Win the following Fatal Four Way Match and subsequent tag team matches. This will trigger an event where Brodie Lee attacks you at one of your fights.
  • Win the TNT Title Pay Per View Match against Brodie Lee. This will unlock Paul Wight in the in-game store.

Cody Rhodes

  • Cody Rhodes is unlocked by default.

Aubry Edwards

  • Aubry Edwards is unlocked by default.

These are all of the hidden wrestlers that are currently known in AEW Fight Forever. As more wrestlers are added to the game, this list may be updated.

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