How to use a Pokemon Randomizer on your PC [Gen I-VII]

Pokemon Randomizer is a tool that allows you to randomize the elements of a Pokemon game. This includes things like the Pokemon you encounter, the items you find, and the abilities of the Pokemon. Randomizing a Pokemon game can make it a completely new experience, as you will never know what to expect. So, we are here with a guide on how to use the Pokemon Randomizer on your PC for different generations ranging from 1 to 7.

How to Use Pokemon Randomizer

To use Pokemon Randomizer, you will need to download the tool and a Pokemon ROM file. The ROM file is the game file that you will be randomizing. Once you have both of these files, you can open Pokemon Randomizer and start customizing your randomization settings.

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Here are the steps on how to randomize Gen I-V Pokemon games:

  1. Download the Universal Pokemon Randomizer from the official website:
  2. Download the ROM file for the Pokemon game that you want to randomize. You can find ROM files for Pokemon games online.
  3. Open the Universal Pokemon Randomizer and select the ROM file that you downloaded.
  4. In the Universal Pokemon Randomizer, you can customize the randomization settings for your game. Some of the randomization settings that you can change include:
    • Pokemon: You can randomize the Pokemon that you encounter in the wild, the Pokemon that you can trade for, and the Pokemon that you can evolve.
    • Items: You can randomize the items that you find in the wild, the items that you can buy from shops, and the items that you can receive as rewards.
    • Abilities: You can randomize the abilities of the Pokemon that you encounter.
    • Moves: You can randomize the moves that the Pokemon that you encounter know.
    • Starters: You can randomize the Pokemon that you choose as your starter.
    • Trainers: You can randomize the Pokemon that the trainers in the game use.
    • Wild Encounters: You can randomize the Pokemon that you encounter in the wild.
    • Trainer Battles: You can randomize the Pokemon that the trainers in the game use.
    • Miscellaneous: You can randomize other aspects of the game, such as the difficulty level and the encounter rate.
  5. Once you have customized the randomization settings, click the “Randomize” button.
  6. The Universal Pokemon Randomizer will create a randomized ROM file. This file will have the same name as the original ROM file, but with the “.randomized” extension.
  7. You can open the randomized ROM file in a Pokemon emulator to play your randomized game.

Pokemon Randomizer for Gen I-VII

Pokemon Randomizer is compatible with Pokemon games from Generation I to Generation VII. This means that you can randomize any of the following games:

  • Generation I: Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow
  • Generation II: Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Crystal
  • Generation III: Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon LeafGreen
  • Generation IV: Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon HeartGold, Pokemon SoulSilver
  • Generation V: Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon White 2
  • Generation VI: Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Generation VII: Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun, Pokemon Ultra Moon

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Pokemon Randomizer is a great way to add a new level of challenge and excitement to your Pokemon games. With so many customization options, you can create a randomized game that is completely unique to you. So if you’re looking for a new way to play Pokemon, be sure to check out Pokemon Randomizer.

I hope this article has helped you learn how to use Pokemon Randomizer. With a little creativity, you can use this tool to create a randomized Pokemon game that is unlike any other.

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