How To Use Cheats in Pokemon Quetzal (2023)

Pokemon Quetzal is an exciting new version of Pokemon Emerald that introduces multiplayer features. While the game retains the same storyline as the original, it doesn’t deviate significantly. One interesting aspect is the inclusion of cheat codes that can provide advantages in Pokemon Quetzal. However, it’s important to note that cheats can only be activated in a dedicated cheats mode.

Today we will explain how you can utilize cheats within the game and provide details about the available cheat options and their functionalities.

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How To Use Cheats in Pokemon Quetzal

Enabling cheats in Pokemon Quetzal is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to activate cheats in your game:

  1. Launch Pokemon Quetzal.
  2. Choose the Cheats mode within the game.
  3. After selecting Cheats mode, you can commence a new game.

Once the game starts, navigate to the Start menu. Various options such as Pokemon, Bag, Ash, Save, Option, MPlayer, and Misc will be displayed. Click on Misc. Within the Misc menu, you’ll find four options: PC, Eggs, Cheats, and Cancel.

Select Cheats, and you’ll gain access to the cheat functionalities, enabling you to progress more quickly within the game.

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Pokemon Quetzal Cheats

Now, let’s delve into the different types of cheats you can employ:


Source: Pokemon Quetzal

Under this category, you’ll encounter four cheats. These include the ability to heal your party at any location within the game. Additionally, you can fly or teleport to different destinations on the in-game map.

Flags & Variables

These cheats grant you Gym badges, flags, and different encounters throughout the game. They also enable you to adjust specific settings based on your preferences.

Give X

Source: Pokemon Quetzal

This category encompasses the primary cheats available in the game. By utilizing the “Give item XXXX” cheat, you can acquire any desired item. Alternatively, you can select the Fill Bag cheat to obtain all items available in the game. The Pkm (lvl) cheat allows you to possess any Pokemon at any level. For further customization of your Pokemon, the Pkm (l, s, n, a, IV, mov) cheat allows you to modify various attributes, such as the Pokemon’s shininess or nature.

The Max Money cheat is self-explanatory—it grants you as much in-game currency as you desire. The Fill PC and Eggs cheat, depending on your preference, populate your PC with either additional Pokemon or Eggs.

By utilizing these cheats, you can enhance your enjoyment while exploring the captivating world of Pokemon Quetzal. Wishing you an incredible time playing the game!

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