Jailbreak Value List – Vehicle, Value, Price, Demand (2023)

Jailbreak Value List is a comprehensive list that details the value of each vehicle and texture in the game. It takes into account factors such as their current market value, demand, and how they were obtained. This list serves as a guide for players who want to know the worth of their in-game items or those looking to make a trade with other players.

Jailbreak, the popular Roblox game developed by Badimo, has a wide variety of vehicles and textures that players can obtain to enhance their gameplay experience. However, these vehicles and textures are not just for show; they have a certain value attached to them based on their rarity, demand, and availability.

Jailbreak Value List (September 2023)

VehicleValuePriceDemandMax SpeedRarityAdditional Info
Torpedo64,664,000$750,000Medium380RareUnobtainable hypercar. Retired during old season 3
Beam50,000,000SeasonalHigh185LegendaryHybrid supercar. No longer obtainable
Arachnid45,000,000$750,000Medium230N/ARetired during old season 3
Ice Breaker24,000,000SeasonalHigh195UnknownAvailable for free after reaching level 10 in season 7
Brulee20,000,000$500,000Unknown480UnknownRetired on March 8th, 2020
Molten10,000,000$599,000High240UnknownAdded in the town revamp update. Retired on Oct. 14, 2020
Beignet25,000,000SeasonalExtremely High280UnknownAvailable for free after reaching level 10 in season 6
JB815,000,000$750,000Normal380UnknownRetired during old season 3 along with Raptor
Airtail3,000,000$600,000Normal240UnknownRetired on Jan. 9th, 2023
Torero5,000,000$599,000High200UnknownAvailable to buy for 9 days then retired on Sep. 12, 2021
Megalodon2,500,000$300,000Normal165UnknownAdded in the 2017 winter update. Retired on Jul. 12, 2020
Macaron6,500,000SeasonalNormal250UnknownAvailable for free after reaching level 10 in season 10
Mighty300,000$25,000Low122UnknownAdded on May 20th, 2017. Later retired around Feb. 2020
Steed700,000$50,000Low122UnknownAdded in the monster truck update. Retired in Mar. 2020
SUV600,000$750,000Low380UnknownAdded in the 1 billion visits update. Retired on Jul. 12, 2020
POSH800,000$70,000Low125UnknownAdded on May 13th, 2017. Retired on Nov. 8th, 2020
Classic800,00070,000Low125UnknownAdded in museum update, retired January 9th 2023
Volt4x4200,00050,000Low95UnknownAvailable for free after reaching level 10 in season 3, or 400 robux after the season ended
Agent7,500,000SeasonalNormal240UnknownAdded May 1st 2021 for $600,000, only available for 6 days
Jack Rabbit4,500,000600,000Normal185UnknownAvailable for free after reaching level 8 in season 9
Jailbreak Texture Value List of Vehicle
Checker70,000,000Extremely highUnknownGiven to players who bought the Badimo vehicle demo V1 for 26 robux
Snowstorm25,000,000Extremely highUnknownObtainable in season 1 pass at level 5 for free
Drip9,000,000Extremely highUnknownObtainable in season 5 at level 8 for free
Fire15,000,000HighUnknownObtainable in season 1 at level 8 for free
Galactic Carbon10,000,000HighUnknownObtainable in season 2 at level 8 for free
Armor9,000,000HighUnknownAwarded to players who solved the alien puzzle in 2019 and entered the code “WEWILLTAKEOVER”

Note: Some information regarding rarity and additional information about the vehicles was not available, and thus

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