Kahoot Point Stealer & Hacks (June 2024)

Kahoot is a platform where you can play games and learn simultaneously. It includes quizzes that test the student’s knowledge and presence of mind. The most extensive Kahoot game record was made in 2017, on February 23rd, when Talladega County Schools even broke the highest Kahoot record, and it included 4092 players in a single game. The highest points are given according to the capability of the players to attempt a quiz.

It is in the hands of the creator whether the player gets 0, 1000, or 2000 points. The points are calculated on how much time the player takes to complete the quiz. It is a time-based game; the sooner the player’s mind works, the more points he gets. Kahoot is generally a multiple-choice quiz game that can be accessed through the Kahoot app or web browser. It can be considered an educational platform too.

What is Kahoot Point Stealer?

Kahoot is a learning and simultaneous gaming platform where you answer quizzes within a given time duration. Still, as the game progresses, the levels also become complicated, and players find it challenging to pass the classes. The Kahoot Hack and Stealer Points can make players win a game in such a situation. Using Kahoot Point Stealers is to make the game a bit uncomplicated for the players. Still, Kahoot does not consist of any codes or commands that console players so Kahoot becomes easy for everyone. There is no shortcut for Kahoot players, so taking a shortcut does no good to the players; they must avoid it.

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How do you steal Kahoot points?

Follow the below steps to toggle Kahoot points:

  • Step 1:  Improvise the question timer. Separate the response time. For instance, a player can answer 3 seconds after a 30-second timer starts.
  • Step 2: Whatever value comes, divide it by 2. For example, 0.44 divided by two is 0.22.
  • Step 3: Now, you have to subtract the current value from 1.
  • Step 4: You can multiply points by the given value.
  • Step 5: Now, the final answer will come when you round the value to the nearest number.

How to get 1000 points on Kahoot?

You can get 1000 points on Kahoot by playing with efficiency. The points on Kahoot are given according to the level of accuracy, the number of correct answers you give, and the speed with which the solutions are attempted. If you maintain all three aspects above, you can quickly gain 1000 points. You can only do so on one condition unless the person who creates the game toggles the value because that completely changes the game. Otherwise, you can 1000 points on Kahoot.


Kahoot is a learning-based gaming platform where you can play quizzes, understand your improvement, and test your knowledge. It is also a platform where you can cheat points and win. This game permits you to toggle in different ways. You can be the winner, spambots, and many others. Kahoot also has trivia quizzes, and it is utilized in schools as it serves both purposes of education and refreshment.

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