XRIOT-Keshav Mobile ID, Stats, KD Ratio, Device & Setup

PUBG Mobile is one of the best action-packed multiplayer game. In India, there are numerous good PUBGM mobile working very hard to compete against popular gamers and streamers out there. Everyday new players arises out of nowhere and prove their existence with their skills and passion.

Today we are gonna talk about yet another good PUBGM player with good experience. His name is Keshav and his clan name is XRIOT. His clan was established in 2018 by Emphasis and there they had competed in many offline and online tournaments.

He has experience in T3, T2, and T1 and many tournaments. He is a regular T2 player and competes with VTN customs players and many others.

He is not famous in India but his skills are amazing, let’s have a brief look into his stats.

Keshav player ID

XRIOT-Keshav Info

Real NameKeshav
K/D Ratio5.79 (Season 15)
Clan NameXRIOT
PUBG ID579838907
Controls4 Finger + Full Gyroscope
DeviceOne Plus 7

XRIOT-Keshav Gameplays & Montages

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