Laka Gaming Free Fire Uid, Stats, Income and more

Laka Gaming is one of Nepal’s most prominent YouTube Free Fire Content Creators. His YouTube account has almost 1.1 million subscribers. He routinely posts gameplay and custom videos with a face cam on his YouTube account. In this article, we’ll go over Laka Gaming Free Fire Uid, in-game data, monthly income, and other information in this post.

Laka Gaming UID 

laka uid

Laka Gaming is a well-known Free Fire player with a large fan base on YouTube and other social media platforms, but he has yet to reveal his identity and photo. Laka Gaming’s Free Fire Uid is discussed here.

The UID number for Laka Gaming Free Fire Uid is 750510058, and his In-Game-Name (ING) is Laka Gamer. The information in the Chart Box above is relatively straightforward to obtain.

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Laka Gaming Stats

laka gaming stats
  • Laka Gamer has played 10171 Squad games, winning 2147 of them by beating 26739 opponents with a K/D ratio of 3.33.
  • Laka has a Duo career K/D ratio of 3.52, having played 2183 Duo games and winning 450 matches with 6104 kills.
  • Laka Gaming has played 1637 solo games in the life cycle and received booyah 268 times with 4473 kills. He appears to have a K/D rate of 3.27.
  • Laka Gaming’s Free Fire Uid has competed in 45 Squad matches this season, winning 12 by beating 190 players on the battlefield. He has a 5.76 Squad K/D rate.
  • He has played two Duo games without securing a Booyah and has killed four players with a K/D of 2.00. Laka Gamer has reportedly played three solo matches in which he has defeated five people but has yet to win. He has a 1.67 K/D Ratio.

How do I get my Free Fire UID?

Free Fire IGN or Username is a novel moniker that you were drawn nearer to pick or pick when you got your Free Fire going record. Free Fire Character ID is a five-to-twelve-digit number given to your record to help other PUBG Mobile players distinguish you.

These two identities may be used to find any player, check their gaming stats, make friend invitations, present to them, or report them. PlayerZon also utilises this to identify players among all the players in a Free Fire Match or Tournament. Accordingly, we’ve made a manual to assist you with recollecting your Free Fire In-Game-Name (IGN), Username, and Character ID.

  • Allow Free Fire to load on the home screen before using it.
  • A Profile Icon with a Name, Free Fire Level might be found in the left corner from the top. You’ll be taken to your entire Profile Dashboard when you click it, which displays everything from your Account Details to your in-game data.
  • You can see your IGN) and Character ID at the Top Menu. You may copy any of those selections by clicking the Copy symbol next.

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To conclude, this gamer is vastly recognized for his gaming experience. Laka Gaming started his YouTube experience on January 21, 2019. However, he launched his channel on January 20, 2019. He successfully attracted more than 657K+ subscribers in only two years. So, hats off to this YouTube gamer for taking the game to another level.

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