Loop Dungeon Tier List: Best Team Guide (December 2023)

Hello Friends! Looking for Loop Dungeon Tier List and Best Team Guide! If you’re looking for the best team for your battles, then you’re in the right place. In this Loop Dungeon Best Team Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the different teams that you can use in battles. Let’s take a closer look!

Loop Dungeon Team Guide

If you’re just starting in the game and want to progress through all the modes easily, then the basic team composition we recommend consists of Ashkern as the main DPS source, Magnus as the main tank, Drakus as the ultimate spammer/dunker, Khaladria as the DPS, and Agni as the off-tank/DPS tank.

With this team, Ashkern will provide most of the damage from afar, while Magnus takes the main source of damage. Drakus will be your ultimate spammer and dunker, taking out enemies efficiently, while Khaladria provides additional DPS. Agni will be your off-tank, protecting your team from damage, while also providing additional DPS. Together, they will get you through all modes with ease.

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If you’re looking for a team that can withstand any battle, then the Healer Team is perfect for you. This team consists of Ashkern as the main DPS source, Magnus as the main tank, Florence as the off-tank/magic support, Shine as the second off-tank/support, and Groll (or sub-Groll for Agni) as the main off-tank.

With this team, Ashkern and Magnus will be doing their normal jobs. Ashkern will supply damage from afar, while Magnus takes the main source of damage. Florence is there to supply a damage reduction buff to all in her radius, which should be Shine, Magnus, and Groll or Agni if you decide to drop Groll.

With Shine supplying heals between herself and the rest of the team, minimal damage should occur throughout the team. Or at least, the team should be strong enough to pass through each act with little to no problem. Groll, or sub-Groll for Agni, will be your main off-tank, taking and dealing damage to mobs.

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This team consists of Iris as the main DPS, Ashkern as the AoE DPS, Mag as the main tank, Scar as the off-tank/meat sponge, and Tanya as the backline tank.

Ashkern will be your AoE DPS, while Iris will be targeting one target. But because of pierce, she will attack multiple mobs if they are aligned properly. If the battle goes on long enough for her to ult, the mobs will be stunned, giving you time to do more damage while taking a break from enemy attacks, only until the mobs are hit again. The stun may be brief, but every second counts. Make sure that when using Iris, you equip her with Heal on Hit or HOH. Without it, she is atrocious and can be annoying to use because she will die fast without it.

Scar will be your off-tank, basically being your frontline meat sponge, taking and dealing damage to mobs. Same with Scar as with Iris, HOH is needed for them to be useful to their full potential.

Tanya will be in the background, protecting Ashkern. This is known as a block. She can be built to be a DPS, but for noob-friendly purposes, do not worry that she is not making everyone melt. Her main job is to be a buff to Mag while blocking backline DPS units from getting squished.

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The Balanced

The Human Comp team is very noob-friendly and consists of Ashkern as the DPS, Shine as the healer.

This team is a great option for those who enjoy a more balanced playstyle, with both offence and defence in mind. The combination of Magnus and Lunella provides a solid tanking front, while Vanessa and Zephyr dish out heavy damage from afar. Olivia, if built properly, can serve as an excellent support and DPS, with her ult able to boost the team’s damage output significantly.

Overall, the Elf/Magnus Comp is a well-rounded team that can handle various challenges in Loop Dungeon Idle RPG.

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Final Thoughts

Loop Dungeon Idle RPG offers a variety of team compositions for players to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. From the Healer Team to the Elf/Magnus Comp, there’s a team for every play style and situation.

When building your team, be sure to consider the roles of each hero and how they complement each other. It’s also important to invest in their gear and abilities, as this can significantly boost their performance in battles.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with different team compositions and strategies. The best team for you may not be the same as someone else’s, so find what works for you and have fun exploring the dungeons!

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