Mansion Monopoly Go Rewards Task List 2023

The Mansion Monopoly Go event is a limited-time event that takes place from September 15th to September 17th, 2023. During this event, players can earn exclusive rewards by completing tasks and milestones.


The Mansion Monopoly Go event offers a variety of rewards, including:

  • Cash
  • Dice rolls
  • Sticker packs
  • Limited-edition Mansion Scottie character
  • Exclusive Mansion Scottie costume
  • Rare Mansion Scottie items


To earn rewards during the Mansion Monopoly Go event, players must complete tasks and milestones. Tasks are simple tasks that can be completed in a few minutes, while milestones require more time and effort to complete.

Some of the tasks that players can complete during the Mansion Monopoly Go event include:

  • Land on Mansion tiles
  • Collect bones
  • Roll multipliers
  • Win games
  • Complete sticker albums


Milestones are more difficult to complete than tasks, but they offer more valuable rewards. Some of the milestones that players can complete during the Mansion Monopoly Go event include:

  • Collect 100 bones
  • Roll 10 multipliers
  • Win 10 games
  • Complete 5 sticker albums
  • Reach level 10 in the Mansion Scottie’s character

Task List

Here is a complete task list for the Mansion Monopoly Go event:

Scottie’s Mansion MilestonesRewardsPoints Required
1Cash rewards5
210 dice rolls10
3Green Sticker Pack10
4125 dice rolls80
5Cash rewards15
6Green Sticker Pack20
7Cash rewards25
8220 dice rolls150
9Cash rewards25
1015 Mins Rent Frenzy30
11Green Sticker Pack35
12Cash rewards40
13Cash rewards425
14Cash rewards45
15Orange Sticker Pack50
16Cash rewards55
17900 dice rolls800
18Cash rewards60
19Pink Sticker Pack70
20Cash rewards80
211.3K dice rolls1.2K
2215 Mins High Roller100
23Orange Sticker Pack120
24Cash rewards130
251.6K dice rolls1800
26Cash rewards150
27Blue Sticker Pack250
28200 dice rolls275
29Cash Boost300
30Scottie Sleeping Token2500
31225 dice rolls300
32Blue Sticker Pack400
33Cash rewards500
344K dice rolls4500
35Purple Sticker Pack600
3620 Min Cash Grab700
37500 dice rolls800
38Cash rewards3500
39700 dice rolls900
40Gold Blue Sticker Pack1000
41Cash rewards1100
42Gold Blue Sticker Pack & 6500 dice rolls6500

Tips for Completing the Mansion Monopoly Go Event

Here are some tips for completing the Mansion Monopoly Go event:

  • Focus on landing on Mansion tiles. This is the easiest way to earn bones and dice rolls.
  • Collect bones whenever you can. Bones can be used to purchase dice rolls, stickers, and other items.
  • Roll multipliers whenever possible. Multipliers can help you earn more bones, dice rolls, and money.
  • Win games. Winning games is the best way to earn cash and dice rolls.
  • Complete sticker albums. Completing sticker albums will earn you valuable rewards, such as dice rolls and cash.


The Mansion Monopoly Go event is a great way to earn exclusive rewards and have fun playing Monopoly Go. By following the tips above, you can easily complete the event and earn all of the rewards.

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