Top 5 BEST MapleStory Private Servers [March 2024]

MapleStory is a very popular 2D online role-playing game with multiplayer. It was created by Nexon. Two feature of this game is that you might just use it to play MapleStory or even set up your own private servers. With your friends, you can set up your own personal server and play video games. As a consequence, you are able to play MapleStory and build your own Maplestory private server.

Based on where people are throughout the world as well as how much room you have on your computer or smartphone, each version of the program is distributed by a different firm. The greatest Maplestory private servers are listed here along with some of the leading private servers.

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1. MapleRoyals

This server has the same characteristics and in-game functionalities as the conventional and historical MapleStory. This implies that while some performance enhancements will be made, the entirety of the original gameplay will not be lost. Additionally, it is motivated to implement new upgrades and improvements in order to solve problems.

This custom content is available for all of you to play. And the Maplestory private server is committed to giving you the best possible nostalgic experience. They encourage new people to join, and one of the best features is how rapidly you can start interacting with other gamers. The welcoming, diverse, and open community that those who have established are to blame for everything.

2. MapleHeros

Version 83 GMS of the MapleHeros server is soon to be released. This server enjoys being much more than an average Maplestory private server. The fact that you can interact with objects and settings from various game editions, is a great feature. A first rebirth happens after you reach level 200 in the game. This contains a comprehensive rebirth system. You may reach degree 250 after any further rebirths.

3. Phoenix V52

With the Pheonix V52, which was created in Canada, you may anticipate being taken back to the better days of MapleStory. Phoenix was initially limited to its v1 upgrade. But as time has gone on, it has expanded to the point that now it has more of everything, irrespective of experience level. As a walk down memory lane, this also features a homage to earlier MapleStory difficulties. Although it moves you back in time, the substance is pretty similar to that of the previous GMS.

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4. Castela

The material in Castela is focused on party play and is a modified form of V83. It was developed for thrill-seekers searching for distinctive experiences in Maple World. Since the designers changed how mobs and thrown tables worked to provide players with a novel experience, the gameplay has now been improved.

 The Castela server is based in Canada. The action has been redesigned for teamwork in particular. In this situation, you will work as a team rather than being assigned to one specific task. This might be achieved through fight scenes, grinding, or even party expeditions.

5. EggyMS v83

Do you long for the time you spent playing MapleStory? Then look only at EggyMS v83 servers, which will also make you remember everything from your youth. This implies that you will be able to travel across time and discover the amazing qualities that have shaped this world.

You’ll be searching for unique objectives in this version that can take you on adventures and help you move up. You will receive stats according to the item’s level requirement. The phenomenon known as item levelling is included within, which allows all things to level up to level 1.

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