Minecraft PS3 ISO Download 2024: PS3 RPCS3 PC ISO

If I ask you to name the 10 most-played games on PC or consoles, I bet that Minecraft would be there in that list for sure. This is an amazing game where a player would be doing exploration, gathering different resources, crafting, building a village, and many more things.

One can download this game in 2 formats- ISO and PKG format. These are available for free. If you have a PlayStation 3 console and you wish to play Minecraft on it, we suggest you go with the Minecraft PS3 ISO format. Here is a brief guide about the same.

PS3 Offers For A Better Minecraft Gameplay

Minecraft PS3 ISO
Minecraft PS3 ISO

Minecraft PS3 ISO is a 3D sandbox game that lets you play in both single-player and multiplayer modes. Also, a player can choose the friend mode. Here, the support of a PS 3 console adds a unique feature of a Blu-ray HD disc drive. None of the other gaming consoles of the same price range has a Blu-ray feature. The Blu-ray discs have more data storage capacity, so you need less number of discs in PS 3 than on other consoles. 

Moreover, if someone wants to play Minecraft on a PC, he needs only RPCS3, a PS3 emulator. For those Minecraft players who are confused about DLC (downloadable content) or updates, let us make it clear that if someone has Minecraft already installed on his PS3 system, he can go with the base version also. Later on, by following DLC update installation instructions, DLC can be added or updated.

Anyways, you are on the safer side if you have any PS gaming consoles as Minecraft PS3 ISO is available for PS3, PS4, PS5, and PCs. But, it’s not supported on Xbox 360 console.

Download PS3: Minecraft, USA – BLUS31426 [106MB], Password: pspcx.com

Secret Tips That Nobody Had Told You About Minecraft 

  1. Instead of using a fence gate, one can just set a border with a regular fence and then put another fence where the fence gate would be. Moreover, you can enter and exit but any other animal would not be able to do the same.
  1. You can teleport through the glass. If you are drowning in the lava, I have an easy hack that you must use in such conditions. All you have to do is just place water buckets in it. That’s it and you can save yourself from drowning in the deadly molten lava.
  1. Place a torch on a grass block to make a staircase. Then beside the torch, place another grass block joining its core to the previous one. Now, place a torch on this new block and repeat the same pattern. The number of times you are gonna repeat this pattern, the same number of stairs you will have in this all-new staircase. 
  1. It is about dusk and you need some food to refill your energy. Oops! What to do when you do not have a furnace and energy is low? Well, here is a trick that will give you cooked food. Just find some pigs or any other animal. Burn them to death and you will get food at the end. Roasted pork chops, really!

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