Mini Militia Ranks List, Badges, Exp With Images 2024

In this article, we will share all mini militia ranks list which is updated with symbols.

If you love power-packed games with lots of activities including shooting, jumping, attacking, and using weapons, Mini Militia is the one you must look forward to. Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 by is one of the most addictive games right now. With 4.1 stars on Play Store and 4.3 stars on the App Store, it weighs 40MB and 53MB for android and IOS. It can be enjoyable for anyone who is twelve years or older.

This game is all about intense multiplayer combat. There are various types of weapons available in the game that the player can use to defeat his enemy. The game’s installation is free, but the player can buy gems and cash in the game by net banking.

The player can also connect his Facebook account, which keeps the game’s memory even after it is uninstalled. The latest update in the app is that the player can add his co-players as friends.  

The game has three modes which will appear on clicking on the battle sign

  • Practice
  • Team Deathmatch 
  • Free for all

The Practice Mode:

Practice mode can also be played offline; it has two different options Training and Survival. Before switching to the other two modes (Team deathmatch or free for all), the players can train in one of the two practice modes.

The Training Mode:

In this mode, Coach Surge will train the players. He will teach how to use weapons and all the necessary controls required for survival.


After the training session, the players will start fighting robotic enemies. Coach Surge will guide the players throughout the fight. The players then become ready to battle it out at a quick play or the multiplayer mode on surpassing this.

Team Deathmatch

In a team deathmatch, the players must select a map and then click on the battle option, located on the right-hand side. Two teams of 3 players each will form, and a countdown will begin leading to the game’s start.

Free for All: 

The free for all mode is open to everybody. The players have to choose a map and click on the battle option. A single match allows a maximum of six players.

Recent Updates in the Game:

The new update in the game has brought in play custom with two options: creating a game and joining the game.

  • CREATE GAME: In creating a game, the creator is the host. The host has to make a room and share the join code with the individuals he wants to play the game with.
  • JOIN GAME: In the join game, the players can only join when there is an existing room, and they have its code.

Note: If you want to add any of the players from the custom play as your friend you have to click on their name and select add friend. The advantage of this is that whenever that player is online, you will get a notification.

A list of the various guns and weapons available in the game: 

  • Desert Eagle
  • Uzi
  • Magnum
  • MP5
  • AK47
  • M93BA
  • SMAW
  • M4
  • M14
  • Machete
  • Shotgun
  • Flamethrower
  • Grenades


The Ranks of the Mini Militia are somewhat the same as the US Army Ranks.

There are different badges for different ranks. To achieve a higher rank the total experience required and the total experience required to reach the next level are mentioned in the chart.

Mini Militia Ranks List with Symbols 2021

The ranks in this game are not so easily achieved you have to keep playing it regularly to achieve the highest rank. The ranks may not change with the level, the changing of the rank depends on the total experience required to reach the next level.

Do not worry if you are facing a high-ranked player at the beginning as many high-rank players hack the game to gain a high rank. With every next level, a map will be available to you and you will also receive bonuses like coins and cash.


  • Place grenades wisely 
  • Try to avoid getting stuck between two players who are in the war
  • If you have less life left commit suicide with a grenade so that the other person doesn’t get a point.
  • Keep the volume up so that you can hear your enemy coming.
  • Try to use snipers more than handguns.  

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