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Mobile Legends Miya Guides: Best Skills & Emblem

Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s most basic marksman character is Miya. Since then, the developers have given her a complete makeover, including new skills and features. Only if you know her positioning and how to use her you can get the most out of her. That is why we have come up with the Mobile legends Miya guides.

In this article, we’ll give you some simple methods and pointers to help you know the guidelines for the Miya character. We’ll go through the best emblem, spell, build, and other tips and tactics to help you win the game with Miya in Mobile Legends.

Best Skills

Let’s take a look at Miya’s Mobile Legends skills and when to use each talent. All these skills will help you with Mobile legends Miya guides.

Moon Arrow

Miya’s basic attack is split in half, allowing her to simultaneously strike two opponents. Physical damage to the primary target is increased by 100%, while physical damage to secondary targets is increased by 30%. This talent has a 4-second cooldown. Using this ability is a great way to deal with several adversaries at once. As a result, you must take a position like that which is one of the tips of Mobile legends Miya guides.

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Arrow of Eclipse

Miya casts this skill in a certain direction, and all the targets it strikes are stunned. It takes 1.2 seconds for the stun to take effect after being hit. With this ability, Miya is able to run away, be stunned, and take control of the situation.

Moon Blessing

Miya’s attack speed is raised by 5% for each use of her basic attack. A maximum of five times can be added to it. To keep an eye on her passive, a small bar has been placed below her HP and mana bars. For every full stack of enchantment, she summons Moon Shadow, whose afterimage creates additional critical damage and increases the basic attack’s effectiveness.

Hidden Moonlight

Miya has a unique ability where she debuffs and conceals immediately after casting it, which is quite effective. Miya’s movement speed is enhanced by 60% while she is in disguised form, and she becomes fully passive at the end of the skill.

If she uses her basic attack or any other talent, this ability is cancelled. It is, however, a continual source of energy. Even if this skill is deactivated, she will become completely passive.

Miya’s Training Methods

Make sure to upgrade your first skill early on so that you can rapidly clear the first wave of minion hordes. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your second skills from time to time. Upgrading skills is one of the parts of this Mobile legends Miya guide.

Emblem Set and Spells

The Assassin Emblem and the Marksman Emblem can both be used on Miya. It’s been set up this way for the Assassin Emblem:

  • In the 1st set: +3 Agility for maximum speed.
  • +1 Invasion for maximum physical penetration in the second set.
  • With Killing Spree your HP will be increased by 15% with each kill.
  • This is how to set up the Marksman Emblem:
  • 1st set: +3 Taking maximum Critical damage is fatal.
  • +3 swiftness for maximum attack speed in the second set.
  • Set 3: Weakness finders of the enemy are included in this collection.

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Until now, Miya has only been able to use the Flicker spell, but if you want to play her early in the game, you’ll need the Retribution spell in order to boost your jungling powers. Against heroes with high cc, try Fireshot or Purify.

Miya’s Mobile Legends Builds of the Year

It’s safe to say that the reworked Miya is most effective in the mid-late game. There are times when it’s best to be a little more cautious in the early stages of the game. You may gank easily in the midgame, but you must be behind the tank at all times. Any opponent can be engaged and killed in the late game. Miya’s late-game damage is a lot better than most other characters.

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