Monkey King Arena of Heroes Tier List (December 2023)

Monkey King Arena of Heroes is an exciting 6v6 fantasy card-based role-playing game that pits players against each other in intense battles. With a wide array of characters to choose from, it’s crucial to understand the strength and viability of each hero. That’s where the Monkey King Arena of Heroes Tier List comes in handy.

The Monkey King Arena of Heroes Tier List categorizes heroes into different tiers, ranging from S (the highest) to B (the lowest). Heroes in the S tier are considered the most powerful and are highly recommended for players who want to excel in the game. As you move down the tiers, heroes become relatively less potent but can still be viable options depending on team compositions and personal preferences.

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S Tier Heroes

The S tier is home to the most formidable heroes in Monkey King Arena of Heroes. These characters possess exceptional abilities and can greatly impact battles in your favor. Some of the top heroes in this tier include:

  • Guanyin: A powerful hero is known for her versatility and crowd-control abilities.
  • Sun Wukong: The legendary Monkey King himself, armed with impressive offensive and defensive skills.
  • Golden Wing Roc: A majestic bird with devastating attacks and excellent mobility.
  • Pilanpo: A master of dark magic, capable of inflicting heavy damage on enemies.
  • Taibai: A wise and strategic hero, known for his ability to turn the tide of battle.

A Tier Heroes

Heroes in the A tier are still strong choices, although not as dominant as those in the S tier. These heroes can contribute significantly to your team’s success and provide valuable support in battles. Some notable heroes in this tier include:

  • Silver Horn: A fierce warrior with a deadly charge ability.
  • Maitreya: A supportive hero capable of healing and providing buffs to allies.
  • Matchmaker: A hero adept at disabling opponents and controlling the flow of battle.
  • Jade Vixen: A versatile hero with both offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Spike Scorpion: A highly agile and elusive hero, known for its quick strikes.

B Tier Heroes

While heroes in the B tier may not possess the same level of power as those in the higher tiers, they can still be viable choices depending on the situation and team composition. Some notable heroes in this tier include:

  • Silk Lady: A hero with mystical powers and the ability to summon silk threads for various purposes.
  • Drowned Lady: A hero adept at controlling water and inflicting damage over time.
  • Elder Sister Yan: A supportive hero capable of healing and providing utility to the team.
  • Bone General: A fearsome warrior with high damage potential and crowd control abilities.
  • Azure Lion: A durable hero specializing in tanking and protecting allies.

It’s important to note that the Monkey King Arena of Heroes Tier List is subject to change as the game evolves through balance updates and new hero releases. It’s recommended to stay updated with the latest information and consider multiple sources when evaluating hero strengths.

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Tier List

Here’s a table representing the heroes in their respective tiers:

SSun Wukong
SGolden Wing Roc
ASilver Horn
AJade Vixen
ASpike Scorpion
ATang Monk
BSilk Lady
BDrowned Lady
BElder Sister Yan
BBone General
BAzure Lion

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The Monkey King Arena of Heroes Tier List provides valuable insights into the power and effectiveness of different heroes in the game. By understanding the tiers and the strengths of each hero, players can make informed decisions when selecting their team compositions and maximizing their chances of success in battles.

Whether you prefer the dominating heroes in the S tier or the strategic options in the A and B tiers, the tier list serves as a helpful resource for players seeking to unleash the power of the best characters in Monkey King Arena of Heroes.

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