Neobeasts Recharge Event MLBB: Claim Bonus Tokens and Get Free Skins

Moonton is hosting a new recharge event in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) called the Neobeasts Recharge Event. The event will run from September 8 to September 21, 2023.

To participate in the event, players need to recharge a certain amount of diamonds. The amount of diamonds required to recharge will vary depending on the prize that the player wants to get.

Neobeasts Recharge Event Prizes

The prizes that players can get from the Neobeasts Recharge Event include:

  • Neobeasts Series Skins: These are limited-edition skins that are themed after the Neobeasts, a group of powerful creatures that have been unleashed on the Land of Dawn.
  • Neocrests: These are special items that can be used to exchange for rewards in the Neobeasts Exchange Shop.
  • Other rewards: These include diamonds, tickets, and other in-game items.

Players can also get bonus tokens by recharging diamonds during the event. These bonus tokens can be used to draw for free in the Neobeasts Draw event.

How to Claim Tokens in Neobeasts Recharge Event MLBB

To claim bonus tokens in the Neobeasts Recharge Event MLBB, players need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Events tab in the game lobby.
  2. Find the Neobeasts Recharge Event and tap on it.
  3. Tap on the “Claim Bonus Tokens” button.
  4. Enter the amount of diamonds that you have recharged.
  5. Tap on the “Claim” button.

The bonus tokens will be added to your account immediately. You can then use them to draw for free in the Neobeasts Draw event.

The Neobeasts Recharge Event is a great opportunity for players to get their hands on some of the latest skins and other rewards in MLBB. So be sure to participate in the event and claim your bonus tokens!


  • Recharge as many diamonds as you can during the event.
  • Claim your bonus tokens as soon as you recharge diamonds.
  • Use your bonus tokens to draw for free in the Neobeasts Draw event.
  • Be patient and keep drawing! The more you draw, the better your chances of winning.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about the Neobeasts Recharge Event MLBB and how to claim bonus tokens. Good luck and happy drawing!

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