Nerdle Today Answers (June 24, 2024)

The classic word-guessing game Wordle has been given a numeric makeover, and the result is Nerdle. If you’re having trouble solving today’s equation and are left wondering what the most Nerdle today answer might possibly be, then you’ve definitely found the proper place to be. We have compiled all of the most recent Nerdle answers in a single convenient location, which can be seen further down below.

Looking for an explanation of what Nerdle is and how the game can be played in its various forms? If you continue reading, you will see that not only do we have all of that information, but we also have more waiting for you.

What is Nerdle Today’s Answer?

When you start playing the Nerdle game, a vast array of options begins to emerge and you have to select the correct answer.  In each round, rather than guessing words, you will get a total of six chances to guess equations. Despite this, the hints provided in the game can still be difficult to understand.

Do not worry if attempting to guess the answer for today is leaving you a little confused. we have provided sufficient clues and pointers to get you started on the nerdle today answer.

Nerdle gives you six chances to solve it; the game is meant to be challenging! If you have missed that chance for today, then look at the following digits and symbols that are relevant to today’s answer: 8, /, 9, 4, =, 6, 3, and 8.

I really hope that this information was helpful in figuring out today’s Nerdle! If you are still unsure how to solve the problem, the solution is provided below.

In case you haven’t been able to figure out the equation by now, Nerdle today’s answer is 498/ 83= 6.

Previous Nerdle Answers

Have you forgotten an answer that you gave earlier this week? These are the responses that Nerdle received during the past few days:

  • 2 August: 9 / 3 x 7 = 21
  • 1 August: 498 / 83 = 6
  • 31 July: 1 + 6 + 9 = 16
  • 30 July: 40 + 42 = 82
  • 29 July: 9 + 8 + 8 = 25
  • 28 July: 27 / 3 – 4 = 5
  • 27 July: 8 + 9 + 9 = 26
  • 26 July: 42 / 6 – 3 = 4
  • 25 July: 92 x 7 = 644
  • 24 July: 28 – 3 x 7 = 7

How to Know the Correct Answer in Nerdle?

Nerdle game requires focus and strategies that can go a long way toward achieving that goal. With that in mind, the following are some fundamental pointers to assist you on your daily journey. So, check out these amazing tips to answer the correct.

  • Make your initial guess using as many different digits as you possibly can. This will help you establish a flow for the remainder of the problem, which will make it much simpler for you to estimate the correct answer.
  • When making your second guess, try using two or more symbols so that you may have a better idea of the correct solution.
  • Try to maximise your answer’s effectiveness by using the colour grading cues provided by the numbers and symbols.


The unpredictability element of Nerdle is fairly vital because there are moments when you may correctly guess the answer on the first try and other times when you may be left with no idea whatsoever. So, follow the tips mentioned above and think the correct answer.

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