Best No Man’s Sky Best Multi-Tool Weapons July 2024

No Man’s Sky best multi-tool weapons is basically an action survival game which is full of fun adventures. Hello, Games is the developer responsible for the construction of this marvellous game. This game is available for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows since August 2016. Later in July 2018, it was launched for Xbox One.

Even later it got featured for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S Consoles in November 2020. This was all about the inception of the game. Now let’s talk about the most asked query about the game which is What are the No Man’s Sky’s Best Multi-Tool Weapons 2024? I will answer that in this article itself!

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What are the Best Multi-Tool Weapons for No Man’s Sky

This list will rank the top 10 Best Multi-Tool Weapons for No Man’s Sky in 2022. So, let’s get started!

1. Solar Ray / Animus Beam

The Solar Ray and Animus Beam are both pretty bogus. They are both not so powerful when it comes to taking down those sneaky Sentinels. It can destroy nothing much. So, I would recommend you to not use these weapons at all!

2. Scatter Blaster

The Scatter Blaster is a shotgun which fires eight projectiles per blast. It will eat ammunition super fast as well. It’s the perfect weapon for dealing with loads of enemies at once. This is all because the scatter blaster catches everything in your sight. This is definitely the best weapon to use because it can get you out of any adverse situations, whether it is the Biological Horrors or the Sentinels.

3. Blaze Javelin

This is the ultimate weapon which is the very epitome of high risk and eventually high reward. This is essentially a sniper rifle, that has a lot of power to start with. This weapon rewards its players with more damage the more distance a shot travels. Hop on top of an Abandoned Building and take down those ever-growing Biological Horrors whilst easing your way to the Larval Core Bank.

4. Plasma Launcher

The Plasma Launcher throws a great mass of plasma at your enemies and bounces around a lot until its internal timer goes off. This causes a massive explosion which leaves nothing all around, particularly when you modify the weapon a bit.

5. Paralysis Mortar

This weapon is very lethal which curbs the power of the enemies for a short while. However, if you also have the Voltaic Amplifier module, you can get a significant bonus to damage your enemies. You can entirely wipe out those pesky Sentinels while they look at you quite helplessly as you crush them.

6. Neutron Cannon

The Neutron cannon can be a lethal weapon as it offers two levels of damage. So, use it wisely to demolish your enemies fast and quickly. The first mode lets you fire away at enemies for scattering shots similar to a shotgun. The second mode allows you to hold that trigger longer and you can charge up a massive shot that can cause huge amounts of damage.

7. Geology Cannon

The Geology Cannon is what you obtain if you are intent to combine the Plasma Launcher with the Terrain Manipulator. So, it is basically a grenade launcher that blows off chunks of the planet’s crust where you aim at. It comes in handy often during the game.

8. Boltcaster

It is the default weapon which is used in the game. It’s still very potent in killing its enemies. There’s very little initiative, to be honest, but the rate of fire is enough for the weapon to be helpful.

So, that was my take on the Best Multi-Tool Weapons for No Man’s Sky in 2022. Follow this page for more posts like this and most importantly, Keep Gaming!

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