Pet Master Free Spins & Coin Links (September 2023)

Pet master free spins are a great way to get free spins from the pet master daily rewards links that are officially shared by the Coin master developers, Moon Active. Developers daily publish new spin rewards links to make this game fun and retain the audience by giving them free rewards for more fun.

Players are very happy with the dynamics of the game. In this article, we are going to share ways to get a free spin and list the daily updated links for free spins, so stick to the article until the end.

These links provide up to 25 spins, 35 spins and sometimes 50 spins per link, so we highly recommend bookmarking this page to get access to new rewards as soon as they are released.

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Pet Master Free Spin Links

How to get more Pet Master free spins?

Talking about more ways to get pet master free spins and coins, there are lots of different ways, although one of the best methods is receiving a spin from the rewards link published by the developers.

Invite others

Using your social media following, you can signups from your friends then you can earn a handful amount of free spins, for each successful invite, you will be getting 90 spins which is an ample amount of spins considering you have good social media followers.

During raid

While attacking other pet camps, there is a huge chance of getting free spins, there is a total of 3 slots and 2 slots are empty and the last one can help you get a chest of spins that may consist of 5-10 spins.

Supplying spins

The rewards system of Pet master is quite similar to coin master, there is an option to share and supply the spins to your friends, it depends on you how many spins you can share and except some spins from their side. This is a great way to make good friends and exchange the spins in need.

Completing the village

When you complete a village, the rewards you end up with are huge and generous. While there are many events that happen all the time, some the events like “Village Rush” can help you significantly to get the chest of free spins if you complete a certain village level during the event period.

Rolling the dice

Once you successfully uncloaked the board, now you can roll the dice. In Pet master, a mini game-themed board game is yonder where you have to roll the dice, and if you win you can earn exciting gifts such as coins, spins, a chest of spins, and even more exciting rewards.

You’ll get free dice every 6 hours and a maximum of 6 dice. During the ‘Village Rush’ event, you can get free dice to roll, you can play this mini-game during the event period such as ‘Golden Airdrops Events’ to get more exposure to the rewards, saving more dies can even help more.

Completing card sets

No douth, completing card sets is one of the best ways to get a free spin, completing card sets or album sets will make you resource wealth as you’ll be getting an insane amount of spins like hundreds of spins just by completing card sets. This is one of the easiest methods of all the above and as you don’t need to spend more time outside the game, indeed you can use this method in-game.

As you progress, your chance of getting more cards increases while chests are cheaper when you are at low levels. You can also exchange cards from your friends or from Facebook groups especially made for exchanging cards that can significantly help you complete card sets for absolutely free spin and in return, you can help someone to complete their card sets. If you complete an album you can earn more spins.

Participating in events

Events indeed are one of the best methods to earn free spins while you progress. You will find events almost every week. You can participate in any event and win exciting rewards such as free spins, coins, and a chest of spins or even three of them. You can reuse the spins and participate in events that will make you earn more spins.

So that’s all about the Pet Master free spins, if you like the article, you can share it with your friends.

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