Pet Simulator 99 Trading Value List (February 2024)

Pet Simulator 99 is a new game released by Big Games Pet, and players are eager to learn more about it. One thing that many players are searching for is the Pet Simulator 99 Value List. This list is important because it helps players understand the value of their pets when trading in both Pet Simulator 99 and Pet Simulator X.

If you’ve been playing Pet Simulator X for a while, you might be wondering how to transfer your pets to Pet Simulator 99. The developers only allow players to transfer Titanic, Huge, and Exclusive pets from Pet Simulator X to Pet Simulator 99. To help players understand the value of these pets, we have made a trading values list.

The Pet Simulator 99 Value List provides the approximate value of every Huge, Exclusive, and Titanic pet in Pet Simulator 99. It’s important to note that the values of these pets can change over time, so the list may not always show the exact value of each pet. However, it can still be a helpful tool for players looking to trade their pets.

Pet Simulator 99 Titanic Pets Value List 

Titanic Hippomelon Value155TNANA10
Titanic Blobfish Value105TNaNA10
Titanic Cat Value54TNANA
Titanic Jolly Cat Value29.75TOC200T8
Titanic Neon Agony Value29.5TNANA8
Titanic Nightmare Cat Value29.5TNANA
Titanic Jelly Cat Value28.45TNANA8
Titanic Atlantean Jellyfish Value28.3TNANA
Titanic Balloon Monkey Value27.5TNA210T10
Titanic Mystic Corgi Value27.5TNANA10
Titanic Capybara Value26.25TNANA10
Titanic Lucki Value25.75TNANA10
Titanic Tiedye Cat Value25TNANA10
Titanic Tiedye Dragon Value25TNANA10
Titanic Hubert Value24TNANA10
Titanic Red Balloon Cat Value23.5TNA80T10
Titanic Blue Balloon Cat Value23.5TNa80T10
Titanic Hologram Cat Value23.25TNANA10
Titanic Dominus Astra Value23TNANA10
Titanic Cosmic Pegasus Value19.5TNANA
Titanic Sad Cat ValueNANANA
Titanic Axolotl ValueNANANA
Titanic Pink Balloon Cat ValueNANANA
Titanic Purrari ValueNANANA

Pet Simulator 99 Exclusive Pet Value List 

PetTrade Value
Cosmic Agony Value5B
Cosmic Axolotl Value2.7B
Cosmic Dragon Value3.3B
Cosmic Pegasus Value3B
Atlantean Dolphin Value4.2B
Atlantean Stingray Value3.3B
Atlantean Orca Value2.6B
Tech Chest Mimic Value1B
Emerald Monkey Valise2.7B
Nightmare Spirit Value2.3B
Hot Doooog Value3.4T
Jelly Corgi Value2.4B
Jelly Pig Value4.2B
Jelly Panda Value2.6B
Cool Dragon Value4.65B
Cool Cat Value2.25B
Cool Corgi Value2.8B
Redstone Cat Value2.2B
Amethyst Dragon Value5B
Grumpy Cat Value2.8B
Hologram Shark Value1.8B
Hologram Axolotl Value3.4B
Hologram Tiger Value2.4B
Empyrean Dominus Value3B
Inferno Dominus Value4.7B
Storm Dominus Value2.2B
Exquisite Parrot Value5B
Exquisite Cat Value5B
Exquisite Elephant Value5B
Diamond Cat Value6B
Knife Cat Value2.5B
Clout Cat Value3B
Pop Cat Value7.4B
Present Chest Mimic Value4.25B
Grinch Cat Value2.6B
Bladee Value9T
Anime Monkey Value3.5B
Anime Agony Value4.5B
Anime Corgi Value3.5B
Anime Unicorn Value3B
Neon Twilight Tiger Value5B
Neon Twilight Dragon Value5.2B
Neon Twilight Wolf Value2.7B
Neon Twilight Cat Value5B
Inferno Cat Value20B
Subzero Cat Value15B
Lightning Bat Value9B
Pricky Panda Value5.5B
Cyborg Capybara Value5B
Nightfall Pegasus Value12B
Nightfall Wolf Value4B
Tiedye Corgi Value3.25B
Tiedye Dragon Value3.6B
Tiedye Cat Value3.2B
Tiedye Bear Value5B
Mosaic Griffin Value4B
Sleipnir Value6.2B
Mosaic Dove Value3.35B
Floppa Value4B
Nightfall Ram Value5B
Nightfall Tiger Value8B
Crystal Deer Value3B
Crystal Dog Value3.3B
Capybara Value4B
Super Cat Value2.2B
Super Capybara Value4.2B
Super Corgi Value3B
Rainbow Uncorn Value6B
Starfall Dragon Value6B
Hippomelon Value2.5B
Storm Agony Value8.5B
Koala Value5.3B
Pony Value5.1B
Rave Crab Value5B
Ice Cream Cone Value5B
Lucky Cat Value8.25B
Orca Value3.7B
Keyboard Cat Value4.4B
Otter Value7B
Gargoyle Dragon Value6.5B
Nature Dragon Value6B
Sea Dragon Value8B
Yee Haw Cat Value9B
Blobenstein Value17B
Punkey Value14.5B
Sock Cat Value21B
Wicked Empyrean Dragon Value20B
Lava Scorpion Value16B
Sock Corgi Value17B
Stacked Doge Noob Value38B
Grumpy Cat Valeu40B
Sad Cat Value85B
Sock Monkey Value38B
Nyan Cat Valaue250B
Hell Chest Mimic Value110B
Guest Noob Value80B
Signature BIG Maskot Value200B
Blobfish Value60B
Doge Value110B
Wicked Angelus Value150B
Sapphire Phoenix Value900B
Noobortuus Value180B
Mushroom King Value140B
Electric Slime Value175B
Chest Mimic Value100B
Dominus Darkwing Value240B
Storm Dragon Value125B
Empyrean Agony Value300B
Nebula Dragon Value350B
Galaxy Pegasus Value200B
Domortusss Astra Value305B
Galaxy Dragon Value170B
Storm Wolf Value160B
Dominus Astra Value115B
Blue Big Maskot Value160B
Fairy Queen Value7.5B

Pet Simulator 99 Huge Pets Value List 

Huge Vampire Bat Value185B325B2T7
Huge Happy Rock Value60B230B205B
Huge Party Monkey Value600B1.15T5.5T
Huge Cosmic Agony Value170BNA1.8T
Huge Cosmic Axolotl Value115B725B700B
Huge Wild Fire Agony260B360B2.1T
Huge Stunt Unicorn Value14.5TNANA
Huge Arcade Cat Value180B390B2.1T
Huge Cow Value30BNANA
Huge Masked Owl Value1.1TNA25T
Huge Fox ValueNANANA
Huge White Tiger ValueNANANA
Huge Shark Value540B850B31T
Huge Shadow Griffin Value1T1.35T33T
Huge Fairy Value725B850B19.5T
Huge Dove Value30BNANa
Huge Bear Value615B850B26T
Huge Balloon Monkey ValueNANANA
Huge Angel Cat ValueNANANa
Huge Sandcastle Cat Value440B950B3.6T
Huge Sun Angelus Value300B520B3.4T
Huge Luau Cat Value120B300B850B7
Huge Butterfly Value3.4T8.2T45T9
Huge Atlantean Dolphin Value205BNA2.25T
Huge Atlantean Orca Value160BNA1.4T
Huge Pufferfish Value430B650B11T7
Huge Tiki Dominus Value500B620B5.5T
Huge Sailor Shark Value220B450B500B
Huge Pineapple Cat Value82B120B500B
Huge Gamer Shiba Value500B1.1T3.45T
Huge Pirate Parrot Value220B420B1.35T
Huge Firefighter Dalmatian Value200B260B900B
Huge Basketball Retriever890B1.55T3.6T
Huge Tech Chest Mimic ValueNANANa
Huge Nightmare Karken Value220BNA1.95T7
Huge Nightmare Spirit Value135BNA1.55T6
Huge Purple Balloon Cat ValueNANANA
Huge Stealth Dragon Value210B490B2.4T
Huge Tiedye Bunny Value1T3.75T10T
Huge Tiedye Axolotl Value1.4TNA10T
Huge Mosaic Cat ValueNANANA
Huge Mosaic Lamb Value165B300M1.8T
Huge Doodle Snow Owl ValueNANANA
Huge Pixel Wolf ValueNANANA
Huge Pixel Dragon ValueNANANA
Huge Empyrean Agony Value285BNA4.25T
Huge Exquisite Parrot Value510B850B7T
Huge Exquisite Cat Value780BNA7T
Huge Ghost ValueNANANA
Huge Stealth Bobcat Value420B650B6.5T
Huge Cyborg Dragon Value850BNA17T
Huge Cyborg Cat ValueNANANA
Huge Black Balloon Cat ValueNANANA
Huge Beans Balloon Cat ValueNANANA
Huge Pixel Corgi Value180BNA1.5T
Huge Chroma Lucky Block Mimic Value200BNA12.5T7
Huge Chroma Lucky Value120BNA2T6
Huge Party Penguin Value425B650B2.5T8
Huge Big Maskot Value95BNA850B5
Huge Sombrero Chihuahua Value1T2T7T6
Huge Jelly Pig Value295BNA7T7
Huge Jelly Corgi Value180BNA3.5T6
Huge Cool Cat Value280B750B2.8T6
Huge Evolved Hacked Cat Value370BNA2.8T6
Huge Evolved King Cobra Value400BNA2.5T6
Huge Evolved Pterodactyl Value300BNA2.5T6
Huge Evolved Cupcake Value280BNA2.55T6
Huge Evolved Pixel Cat Value360BNA2.8T6
Huge Evolved Peacock Value300BNA2.5T6
Huge Pinata Cat Value420B650B22.5T7
Huge Safari Dog Value1.5T3.5T13T7
Huge Evolved Hell Rock Value170BNA3T6
Huge M-10 Prototype Value250BNA3T5
Huge Kraken Value900B2.65T5.4T7
Huge Amethyst Dragon Valeu210BNA3.3T5
Huge Redstone Cat Value150BNA950B4
Huge Easter Yeti Value115B120B530B5
Huge Easter Bunny Value90B110B600B4
Huge Painted Cat Value85B105B450B4
Huge Marshmellow Agony Value89B115B440B4
Huge Easter Dominus Value93B115B440B4
Huge Error Cat Value90B100B390B4
Huge Gecko Value100B170B600B5
Huge Rainbow Slime Value68B115B435B5
Huge Goblin Value65B110B360B4
Huge Kawaii Dragon Value100B130B550B5
Huge Ninja Axolotl Value120B180B1.35T6
Huge Chef Cat Value80BNANA4
Huge Hologram Shark Value140BNA1.05T4
Huge Hologram Axolotl Value180BNA1.95T4
Huge Gleebo the Alien Value380B5T15.5T6
Huge Pink Marshmello Chick Value500B1T20.5T6
Huge Pastel Sock Dragon Value500B1T18.5T6
Huge Bread Shiba Value1.8T2.3T20.5T6
Huge Kawaii Cat Value310B510B5.25T6
Huge Leprechaun Cat Value89B100B500B4
Huge Clover Unicorn Value135B160B1.2T5
Huge Clover Dragon Value340B500B6.4T5
Huge Storm Dominus Value145BNA1.2T6
Huge Inferno Dominus Value200BNA2.7T7
Huge Comet Agony Value420B2.25T16T7
Huge Comet Cyclops Value225B430B2.65T8
Huge Diamond Cat Value1.1T2.5T23.5T8
Huge Meebo in Spaceship Value1.3T2T24.5T8
Huge Love Lamb Value200b270B1.9T8
Huge Pop Cat Value420BNA3.7T6
Huge Knife Cat Value120BNA1.05T6
Huge Safari Cat Value310B800B3.2T6
Huge Cupid Corgi Value90B100B450B6
Huge Orca Value125B180B1.15T6
Huge Peacock Value730B35B850B6
Huge Angelus Value3.3T43.5T58T9
Huge Doodle Cat Value85B155B800B6
Huge Pterodactyl Value73B130B800B5
Huge Chameleon Value20B500B2.4T7
Huge Party Axolotl Value170B260B650B5
Huge Doodle Fairy Value105B115B470B6
Huge Neon Griffin Value200BNA2.7T6
Huge Squirrel Value270B320B650B6
Huge Preset Chest Value105B120B450B6
Huge Dominus Lucki Value250B525B23T6
Huge Balloon Axolotl Value190BNA2.5T
Huge Balloon Dragon Value145BNA1.2T
Huge Party Crown Ducky Value210B340B1.6T
Huge Mrs. Claws Value100B130B550B
Huge Snowman Value240B70T3.1T
Huge Grinch Cat Value170B5T2.75T
Huge Elf Dog Value220B465B2.85T
Huge Jolly Penguin Value85B120B400B6
Huge Elf Cat Value90B145B460B4
Huge Techno Cat Value90B145B460B4
Huge Reindeer Dog Value425B480B15.5T5
Huge Reindeer Axolotl Value480B580B16T5
Huge Santa Dragon Value560B650B19.5T5
Huge Santa Monkey Value550B650B19.5T5
Huge Crowned Corgi Value73TNANA
Huge Crowned Pegasus Value150TNANA
Huge Crowned Cat Value25TNANA
Huge Anime Unicorn Value205B27T2.85T5
Huge Party Dog Value230B400B1T6
Huge Monkey Value870B1.3T13.5T
Huge Axolotl Value1.27T1.5T23.5T
Huge Lucki Value230B500B17T6
Huge Orange Balloon Cat Value585BNA2.9T
Huge White Balloon Cat4.2TNA60T
Huge Scarecrow Cat Value115B160B700B
Huge Green Balloon Cat Value225BNA1.25T
Huge Neon Twilight Dragon Value925B3.1T28T
Huge Neon Twilight Wolf Value330B18.5T10.8T
Huge Blue Balloon Cat Value4.3TNA20T
Huge Balloon Cat Value165B250B1T
Huge Inferno Cat Value3.45T4.8T24.5T
Huge Prickly Panda Value1.2T3T24.5T
Huge Grim Reaper Value420B700B2.55T
Huge Scary Corgi Value86B110B450B4
Huge Scary Cat Value86B110B450B4
Huge Corgi Value280B380B4.4T4
Huge Cheerful Yeti Value285B330B3.5T
Huge Sapphire Phoenix Value400B450B3.1T
Huge Tehcno Cat Value275B325B1.5T3
Huge Skeleton Value185B245B2T
Huge Cyborg Capybara Value900B3.3T3.65T
Huge Enchanted Deer Value270B350B600B
Huge Hell Rock Value61B64.5B350B7
Huge Chest Mimic Value800B1.2T9.5T
Huge Samurai Bull ValueNANANA
Huge Sleipnir Value355B3.3T3T
Huge Floppa Value210B950B1.6T
Huge Capybara Value700B3.4T3.7T6
Huge Tiedye Corgi Value145N250B1.8T
Huge Mosaic Corgi Value105B140B560B4
Huge Crystal Dog Value95B120B560B
Huge Tiedye Cat Value135B240B1.8T
Huge Mosaic Griffin Value110B180B570B
Huge Nightfall Pegasus Value260B340B2T
Huge Nightfall Wolf Value200B270B1.5T
Huge Easter Cat Value2.65T4T5T6
Huge Rainbow Unicorn Value430B3.05T1.7T
Huge Super Corgi Value225B2.05T1.55T
Huge Dog Value350B700B3T
Huge Dragon Value350B700B3T
Huge Storm Agony Value1.25T3.75T3.25T8
Huge Pixel Cat Value100B140B1T3
Huge Pony Value410B2.05T1.7T
Huge Lucky Cat Value420B1.65T2T6
Huge Cupcake Value92B125B850B3
Huge Forest Wyvern Value365B1.3T1.6T7
Huge Festive Cat Value130B230B900B4
Huge Gargoyle Dragon Value335B2.55T1.6T7
Huge Hacked Cat Value110B130B900B4
Huge Santa Paws Value780B1.65T2.8T4
Huge Pumpkin Cat Value125B160B570B6
Huge Cat Value7.5TNA14.5T8

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Pet Simulator 99 Value List is a helpful tool for players looking to trade their pets in the game. By using this list, players can better understand the value of their pets and make smarter trading decisions. However, it’s always a good idea to keep in mind that the values are not set in stone and can change over time.

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