Phantom Blade Executioners Tier List (February 2024)

Our team at GamingSpace has been playing Phantom Blade Executioners since its launch, and we’ve put together this tier list to help you choose the best characters to use in your team.

This list is based on our own experience playing the game, as well as feedback from other players. We’ve tried to consider all of the factors that go into making a character good, including damage, range, cost, and utility.

S Tier

  • Ruthless Black
  • Evil Punisher
  • Lady Moon
  • Past Master
  • Darkness Aroma
  • Lethal Gaze
  • Evil Healer
  • Life Reaver
  • Endless Night
  • Regina Fatale
  • Rose of Thorns
  • Eternal Will
  • Mecha Emperor
  • Demonic Soul
  • Merciless White

A Tier

  • Dark Lord
  • Fallen Saint
  • Snake Eyes
  • Lone Blade
  • Tangs’ Outcast
  • Rueful Mother
  • Hiddensword
  • Virid Twinblade
  • Deadly Hook
  • Ironspawn
  • Hammer Smash!
  • Orphan’s Legacy
  • Unmelting Ice
  • Burning Fire

B Tier

  • Crazy Healer
  • Assistant
  • Zither Fiend
  • Mergeling
  • Source of Wrath
  • Dhuta
  • Hussar
  • Cleaved Mountain
  • Sword Martyr

C Tier

  • Researcher
  • Vajra Protector
  • Justice Spear
  • Swordsman
  • Swordswoman
  • Thrower
  • Staff Guard
  • Bomber
  • Mage


This is just a general tier list, and the best character for you will ultimately depend on your playstyle and preferences. Experiment with different characters to find what works best for you.

We hope you like this tier list! Good luck in your Phantom Blade Executioners adventures!

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