Pokemon Crystal Gameshark Codes (September 2023)

If you’re looking for Pokemon Crystal Codes then you are in the right place. All thanks to the GameShark baked right into the emulator, it is very easy to actually use cheats in Pokemon Crystal. In this article, we have curated a list of various cheats that you can use in Pokemon Crysta along with their proper instruction. So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump right into it. 

How to Actually Enter the Cheats in Pokemon Crystal? 

There are actually two ways in which you can enter the cheat in Pokemon Crustal. For everyone using the original cartridge with the GameBoy colour, make sure to attach your GameShark Device. Head over to the cheat menu in GsmeShark and you can manually enter the cheats from our website. 

For using an emulator like My Old Boy, entering the cheater is easier than ever. Simply browse through the Cheat Menu and enter your code manually. Just bear in mind, you are only allowed to use one or two cheats at the same time. Exceeding the limit might result in an in-game crash. 

List of Pokemon Crystal Cheats 

Down below is our immense collection of cheats on Pokemon Crystal. For ease of understanding, we have categorized the cheats based on their usability. 

1. Walk Through Walls

  • 010AA3CE
  •  010AA4CE
  •  010AA5CE
  •  010AA6CE
  •  9100FAC2
  •  9100FBC2
  •  9100FCC2
  •  9100FDC2

2. Maximum Money 

  • 019973D5
  •  019974D5
  •  019975D5
  •  910F4ED8
  •  91424FD8
  •  913F50D8

3. Maximum Pokeball

  • Slot 1 0163FED5 9163D9D8
  •  Slot 2 016300D6 9163DBD8
  •  Slot 3 016302D6 9163DDD8
  •  Slot 4 016304D6 9163DFD8
  •  Slot 5 016306D6 9163E1D8
  •  Slot 6 016308D6 9163E3D8
  •  Slot 7 01630AD6 9163E5D8
  •  Slot 8 01630CD6 9163E7D8
  •  Slot 9 01630ED6 9163E9D8
  •  Slot 10 016310D6 9163EBD8
  •  Slot 11 016312D6 9163EDD8
  •  Slot 12 016314D6 9163EFD8

4. Acquire All Badges 

  • 01FF7CD5
  •  01FF7DD5
  •  91FF57D8
  •  91FF58D8

5. Infinite EXP

  • 014432DA
  •  014433DA
  •  014434DA
  •  9144E7DC
  •  9144E8DC
  •  9144E9DC

6. Infect a Pokemon with Virus 

  • Infect 1st Pokemon 010146DA 9101FBDC
  •  Infect 2nd Pokemon 010176DA 91012BDD
  •  Infect 3rd Pokemon 0101A6DA 91015BDD
  •  Infect 4th Pokemon 0101D6DA 91018BDD
  •  Infect 5th Pokemon 010106DB 9101BBDD
  •  Infect 6th Pokemon 010136DB 9101EBDD

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The Bottom Line 

This goes without saying, playing Pokemon Crystal is a ton of fun whether you are using cheats or not. Let us know in the comment section below if you want more cheats regarding Pokemon. 

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