Project Menacing Codes (March 2023)

These Project Menacing codes are intended for you if you have a regular obsession with anime. Following in the footsteps of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, make sure to get your hands on some free items with our assistance.

You must take a stance against your foes in order to progress through the Roblox Project Menacing game. Your primary objective in this game is to get the strongest possible stand so that you may top the leaderboard and become the best fighter overall. So, in order to assist you in getting started with the new Project Menacing codes, here they are.

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What are Project Menacing Codes?


In this game, you are about to be transported to a world in which you will have to cooperate with an entity known as a Stand in order to stay safe. You should strive to obtain the best Stand and should contend with any other players that stand in your path.

And to do all this, the developers sometimes offer some codes to make the game a little easier for the players. Using these codes, you can acquire different kinds of rewards. For example, coins, outfits, accessories and so on.

If you get coins, you can use them to buy necessary in-game things. Moreover, using Project Menacing codes is a quick and simple approach to obtain stand arrows and reset fruits while you are playing the game. The stand arrows will grant you the ability to battle with a stand, while the reset fruits will allow you to reset that stand.

If you’re seeking free stuff, then our list of Project Menacing codes is the place to look. If you are unsure about how to redeem codes in Project Menacing and do not already know how to do so, the instructions are provided below. 

List of Project Menacing Codes

If you’re seeking free stuff, then our list of Project Menacing codes is the place to look.

  • 20KLIKES 
  • 5KLIKES! 

Because discount coupon codes stop working after a predetermined amount of time has elapsed, you will want to make sure that you use them as soon as it is possible once you receive them. You can save a bookmark of this page so that you can simply return to check for updates in the future.

How to Redeem Project Menacing Codes?

  1. Launch Roblox Project Menacing on your desktop or mobile device, whatever you like.
  2. Either start the chat window on your mobile device or use the / key on your keyboard.
  3. Take a code from the list and copy it.
  4. Copy the code, then paste it and input it.
  5. If you have correctly input the code, the reward will generate directly in your account.

Where Can I Get More Project Menacing Codes?

Join the official Discord server for the game to engage in conversation with other players, discover the most recent game-related news, and obtain game-related updates. Simply logging into the server will get you access to a plethora of extra Project Menacing codes.

The developers often publish the codes on their social media handles also. So, follow them there.

Furthermore, watching content created by your favourite Roblox content creators or taking part in events on the platform. The makers of games are free to provide game-specific codes as they see fit. Keep an eye out for the events that are taking place within the game, such as the Wonder Woman crossover event.

You will earn various event-specific goodies if you participate in the events and bring them to a successful conclusion. Aside from that, we are going to add all of the newest codes to this page.

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