PUBG Mobile Free Accounts with UC (May 2024)

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games. It is the number one Battleground FPP and TPP game. But to play the game, you will need to have an account through which you can log in. To play the game, you will need a Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail account so that you can log in and save your rank and achievements.

If a person is playing with a new account for the first time, they will not get any UC (the game currency), skins, or any other rewards. But do you know that there are other ways to get the PUBG mobile free account? In these accounts, you will be able to get free rewards and Royal Pass. If you want to get the free rewards, then you can consider the following points-

  • You can get the free PUBG Mobile Account first; there are several sites that will offer you the free account with the email id and password.
  • From that, you can get 800 UC when you log in to the account for the very first time.
  • After logging in, you will also get so many different rewards in guns skin, such as Scar-L, DP28, M416, M16A4, and M762. It will even include the skin of Snipers such as M24, KAR 98, AWM, and shotguns such as S12K and more.
  • You will even get a free outfit for the new season.
  • The player will also get the chance to have one hundred thousand BP and two thousand solver fragments.

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There are several websites that do offer you the PUBG mobile free account id and password where you can sign up and get the chance to get all the different things, even the good ranks. Of course, you can just log in to your Facebook account because that is easy, but you will not get any rewards from that. You have to earn it.

PUBG Mobile Free Accounts

So here are some of the working free PUBG mobile accounts that we have found on the public domains as well as collected from our personal sources. You can try any of these accounts to get the benefits of a well-maintained account.


Reasons to get the Free PUBG Mobile Account

There are plenty of reasons that people love to get the PUBG mobile free account, and some of those reasons are mentioned in the following points-

  • If a person gets a free account, they also get to experience many different rewards. They will get the Royal Pass which is quite hard to earn. Through that Royal pass, they can get so many different outfits, moves, and skin of the guns.
  • Generally, when a person plays, they have to complete the different missions to get the skills skins, but the user does not have to worry about completing missions with this account.
  • The user will also have the UC, BP, and silver fragments which are the in-game currencies that you will need for several different purposes. You can use it to purchase several unique items in the game which make your character look cool.
  • At last, getting the PUBG mobile free account offers the users several benefits and features that you may not get from playing with your own. It will take time to earn so many rewards unless you have a free account.

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