Punishing Gray Raven Tier List (October 2023): Best Characters

Welcome to our detailed Punishing Gray Raven tier list! In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of Punishing Gray Raven and examine the top characters available in the game. Whether you’re new to the game and want to create the perfect team or an experienced player interested in the current meta, this tier list will give you helpful information and tactics.

Our ranking is created by doing a lot of research, listening to what players say, and analyzing what the experts have to say. We have carefully looked at how well the characters perform in different parts of the game, like PvE and PvP, so we can tell you how strong they are and how well they work. We have everything from the very best characters to those that people might not know about. So no matter what you’re looking for, we can help you out!

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Punishing Gray Raven Tier List


  1. Bianca Veritas
  2. Changyu Qilin
  3. Liv Luminance
  4. Lee Entropy
  5. Lucia Crimson Abyss


  1. Karenina Ember
  2. Liv Empyrea
  3. Rosetta Rigor
  4. Vera Rozen
  5. 9S


  1. Bianca Zero
  2. A2
  3. No. 21 XXI
  4. Karenina Blast
  5. Wanshi Hypnos
  6. Nanami Storm
  7. 2B
  8. Kamui Bastion
  9. Luna Laurel
  10. Ayla Brilliance

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Best Characters

Lee-EntropyDamage Dealer4221915244201
Lucia-Crimson AbyssDamage Dealer4211820273201

Final Words

The Punishing Gray Raven Tier List is a handy guide for players who want to improve their team setups. It provides rankings that show how effective each character is in the game. Whether you’re new or experienced, the Tier List offers valuable information for creating a strong squad.

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