Quordle Answers Today (February 22, 2024)

Quordle is a very popular game among youngsters for challenging puzzles. The puzzles make the game more interesting and that is why people are crazy about knowing Quordle answers today. Only nine chances are available for the player to choose the right words in the word game.

So, read the whole article below to discover the solution to the games for now, as well as tips and cues for Quordle answer today, August 1.

Quordle Answers Today?

There is a new Quordle out today, and you’ll need some help to do it. Every guess needs to be an accurate 5-letter word. To demonstrate how closely your estimate matched the term, the colour of the tiles would change. When a Quordle tile becomes green, the word is situated in the right place, and the tile is complete.

The word is correct, but it’s in the wrong position if the tile turns yellow after every guesses the player makes. Hit the enter button to see if you entered every word correctly or incorrectly on the desktop’s built-in Scrabble simulation.

  • February 22, 2024: STALK, TRACK, GAUZE, CHAFE

Quordle answer today, is for August 7 can be a little tricky to estimate for experienced players. The provided hints will come in handy for individuals who are new to the game.

Two of the four words have unusual letters, while the other two have the same letters in them. Choosing a word that isn’t often used will help you get started.

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  • K, N, S, and G are the letters of the day’s words.
  • The final four letters of the day were E, Y, L, and E.
  • The first clue points to a dishonest individual. The card game jack is also referred to as a “jack.”
  • In search of the second clue, utilise the term “needy” as a starting point.
  • This is a hint for word #3:

So, on August 7 Quordle #195 answers are here.

1. Knave

2. Needy

3. Skill

4. Glove

Previous Quordle answers

We could also support you if you’re trying to find a list of previous Quordle answers. The last Quordle games’ answers are listed here.

  • Quordle 191 (July 31) – FIELD, WOKEN, BROWN, and OVARY
  • Quordle 190 (July 30) – OPIUM, CHOCK, HORDE, and CYNIC.
  • Quordle 189 (July 29) – SLUSH, YIELD, REVUE, and REPEL
  • Quordle 188 (July 28) – FUZZY, PLIER, AWAKE, and RESET
  • Quordle 187 (July 27) – ELUDE, ELFIN, WRECK, and CANAL

How to know the correct answer in Quordle?

The answer, however, does not seem that challenging if you are familiar with the game’s technique.

  1. Facing problems in Quordle? Try to look for 5-letter words. This may help you develop potential ideas to help you improve for the upcoming test.
  2. Do you have a preferred list of words that will assist you in beginning your puzzle? These frequently have several vowels and do not repeat letters. Adieu, audio, atone, elevate, and stone are just a few standard options. Try this method for correct answers.
  3. Look out for duplicates because the word “snoop” contains two “o”s. The hints provided by Quordle won’t make this evident. Just because a character is green throughout one location does not imply that it would not function there.


One of the numerous Wordle knockoffs created is Quordle. Here we have mentioned Qurdle answer today. Although you play four different variations of the game at once, it is fundamentally the same game. Similar to Wordle, the characters behave by turning green when they are situated in the proper location and yellow when they are not.

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