Ragnarok Arena Tier List – Best Characters (February 2024)

Do you like playing Ragnarok Arena? If yes then you’ll be excited to know that we’ve compiled a Ragnarok Arena Tier List of the best characters to add to your crew.

Ragnarok Arena is a turn-based strategy game that features a roster of monsters from the popular Ragnarok Online franchise. Players can collect and train these monsters to battle against other players in PvP matches.

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Ragnarok Arena Tier List

The following is a tier list of the best monsters in Ragnarok Arena:

SOrc Hero, Assassin Ermes, Crown Arvocchio, Lord of the Dead, Vesper, High Wizard Catherine, Paladin Randall, Sniper Daemon, Thaogunka
ADark Lord, Lady Tani, Turtle General
BStorm Knight, Angelling
CDrake, Gloom Under Night, Baphomet, Golden Thief Bug, Garm, Osiris

S Tier:

  • Orc Hero
  • Assassin Ermes
  • Crown Arvocchio
  • Lord of the Dead
  • Vesper
  • High Wizard Catherine
  • Paladin Randall
  • Sniper Daemon
  • Thaogunka

A Tier:

  • Dark Lord
  • Lady Tani
  • Turtle General

B Tier:

  • Storm Knight
  • Angelling

C Tier:

  • Drake
  • Gloom Under Night
  • Baphomet
  • Golden Thief Bug
  • Garm
  • Osiris

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This tier list is based on the current meta in Ragnarok Arena. The rankings may change as new monsters are released or as the meta evolves.

It is important to note that this tier list is just a general guideline. The best monsters for your team will depend on your playstyle and the other monsters you have available.

If you are looking for a strong team to start with, you can try rerolling until you get one or more monsters from the S or A tier. You can also try to focus on building a team around a specific monster, such as Orc Hero or Assassin Ermes.

At last, we like to mention that it does not matter what monsters you choose, make sure to level them up and train them so they can reach their full potential. With a little effort, you can build a powerful team that can dominate the arena.

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