Roblox ACS Quirks Tier List – Best Quirks (December 2023)

Anime Champions Simulator (ACS) is a Roblox game where players can collect and train Quirks, which are superpowers based on the anime My Hero Academia. Quirks can be used to defeat enemies, grind for resources, and compete in PvP battles.

Some Quirks are better than others, and this tier list will rank the Quirks in ACS based on their overall usefulness.

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S Tier Quirks

The S Tier Quirks are the best Quirks in ACS. They are all extremely powerful and can be used to dominate in PvP battles and PvE content.

  • All For One allows you to steal and use the Quirks of other players.
  • Dark Shadow summons a powerful shadow creature that can attack your enemies.
  • Hardening makes your body incredibly hard, allowing you to withstand powerful attacks.
  • Explosion allows you to create and control explosions.
  • Decay allows you to touch anything and make it decay.

A Tier Quirks

The A Tier Quirks are also very powerful, but they are not as good as the S Tier Quirks. They are still excellent choices for PvP and PvE content.

  • Half-Hot Half-Cold allows you to control both fire and ice.
  • One For All gives you superhuman strength and speed.
  • Weather Manipulation allows you to control the weather.
  • Overhaul allows you to disassemble and reassemble anything you touch.
  • Permeation¬†allows you to pass through solid objects.

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B Tier Quirks

The B Tier Quirks are good Quirks, but they are not as good as the S and A Tier Quirks. They are still viable choices for PvP and PvE content, but they may not be as effective as the higher-tier Quirks.

  • Engine gives you super speed and mobility.
  • Black Hole creates a black hole that sucks in enemies and damages them.
  • Rewind allows you to rewind time and undo your mistakes.
  • Shock Absorb allows you to absorb damage and redirect it back at your enemies.
  • Cremation allows you to create and control flames.

C Tier Quirks

The C Tier Quirks are average Quirks. They can be useful in some situations, but they are not as effective as the higher-tier Quirks.

  • Pop Off gives you a temporary boost in strength and speed.
  • Electrification allows you to generate and control electricity.
  • Jet allows you to fly and shoot energy blasts.
  • Danger Sense gives you a premonition of danger.
  • Impact Recoil sends enemies flying back when you hit them.

D Tier Quirks

The D Tier Quirks are the worst Quirks in ACS. They are not very effective in PvP or PvE content.

  • Eraser allows you to erase small objects.
  • Razor Blade allows you to create and control razor blades.
  • Foresight allows you to see a few seconds into the future.
  • Whirlwind creates a whirlwind that damages enemies caught in it.
  • Energy Drain drains the energy of enemies caught in it.
  • Assault Dust creates a cloud of dust that blinds and damages enemies caught in it.
  • Super Regeneration¬†allows you to heal from injuries quickly.

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So, this tier list comes to an end. When choosing a Quirk, it is important to consider your playstyle and the content you want to focus on. If you are looking for a Quirk that can dominate in PvP, then you should choose an S or A Tier Quirk. If you are looking for a Quirk that can help you grind for resources in PvE, then you can choose a lower-tier Quirk.

Ultimately, the best Quirk for you is the one that you enjoy using the most. Happy Gaming!

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