Roblox Free Hatchers Value List (December 2023)

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Free Hatchers is a popular Roblox game where players can hatch eggs to collect pets. The game features a variety of different pets, each with its own unique abilities and rarity. Players can use their pets to battle other players, explore the game world, and earn rewards.

The value of a pet in Free Hatchers is determined by a number of factors, including the pet’s rarity, strength, and popularity. Some of the most valuable pets in the game include:

  • Mythical Pets
  • Legendary Pets
  • Epic Pets

Free Hatchers Value List – Pet Values

TypePet NameValue
SecretsQueen Kitty312
SecretsKing Wolf211
SecretsDevious Hunter314
SecretsFrost Kitsune312
SecretsIcicillium King311
SecretsArctic Scavenger311
SecretsDemonic Beachball311
SecretsAngelic Beachball311
SecretsEternal Sun413
SecretsBucket O’doggy415
SecretsLuminant Jellyfish512
SecretsGodly Katana2115
SecretsShadow Ninja2115
SecretsBalloon Tatsu3169
SecretsIndustry Dragon5210
SecretsTechno Dragon8161
SecretsVoid Guard8111
SecretsInfernal Guard8199
SecretsMechanical Seeker2057
SecretsRuby Dominator3062
UnknownsTroll Face1755
UnknownsSnowfall Sentinel2523
UnknownsSolar Flare3526
UnknownsKing Kraken2523
UnknownsSakura Samurai5526
UnknownsForce of Liberty6039
UnknownsPsymechanical Spirit7535
UnknownsHoly Centurion8031
UnknownsVoid Queen9039
UnknownsCobalt Dominator6056
UnknownsStar Phoenix15071
OmegasAncient Samurai4003
OmegasRoyal Police Crest6503
OmegasDoomsday 30008004
OmegasIce Abyss8004
OmegasGemstone Fairy9005
OmegasCrystal Sentient2k7
OmegasCyborg Overlord3.5k
AirdropsGemstone King5128
AirdropsLava Bat1022
AirdropsFloral Stormbringer3051
AirdropsNebula Phantom7063
AirdropsParadox Cube1k8
AirdropsPyramid of InfinityO/C
AirdropsDimensional DemonlordO/C
SuperheroesSpring Man5021
SuperheroesGreen Bolt6041
SuperheroesMr. Invisible4003
SuperheroesWings of the Wicked18k
RobuxMythic InferniousN/A
RobuxMythic Baller~1.5k
RobuxButter Dawg~752
RobuxMythical Butter Dawg~400
RobuxGiant Butter DawgO/C
RobuxSamurai DragonN/A
RobuxDreamy Overlord~100
RobuxMystical Dreamy Overlord~350
RobuxBundle of Heaven~200

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