Roots of Pacha: Unlock Monkey Totem Guide

Roots of Pacha is a farming and life simulation indie video game set in the Stone Age developed and published by Soda Den, and funded as a Kickstarter campaign. It allows up to four players to play online together.

In this guide, I will share how you can Unlock Monkey Totem in Roots of Pacha.

The Monkey Totem is a structure in the game Roots of Pacha that can be found in the Cave. It is a representation of the monkey spirit animal, and it is said to grant players special abilities when they complete its offering.

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How to Find the Monkey Totem

The Monkey Totem can be found in the Cave, which is located in the southwestern part of the map. To get to the Cave, you will need to build a boat and sail to the island where it is located. Once you arrive at the island, you will need to find the entrance to the Cave. The entrance is located in a small clearing in the forest.

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How to Complete the Monkey Totem Offering

To complete the Monkey Totem offering, you will need to collect three different items: fruit juice, flour, and fermented fish. Fruit juice can be found by harvesting fruit trees. Flour can be made by grinding wheat. Fermented fish can be made by fermenting fish in a barrel.

Once you have collected all three items, you will need to bring them to the Monkey Totem. Place the fruit juice in the left slot, the flour in the middle slot, and the fermented fish in the right slot. Once you have placed all three items, the Monkey Totem will glow and you will receive a special ability.

The Monkey Totem’s Special Ability

The Monkey Totem’s special ability allows players to climb trees faster and jump higher. This can be helpful for players who are trying to collect fruit from high-up trees or who are trying to reach difficult-to-access areas.

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The Monkey Totem is a valuable resource in Roots of Pacha. By completing its offering, players can gain a special ability that can help them in their quest to build a thriving village.

I hope this article has helped you learn more about the Monkey Totem in Roots of Pacha. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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