Subnautica Aurora Codes: Door Codes (July 2024)

Aurora’s status is often updated in Subnautica, an accessible survival intervention video game. The Aurora is trapped on a remote ocean planet known as 4546B for the uninitiated. Every one of the Sabnautica aurora codes will be discussed in this post.

The Aurora Vessel is simple to find in Subnautica. You might look at them by swimming to the water’s surface. All you need to do now is snatch a Radiation Suit after finding Aurora Ship. Exceptionally, without the Radiation Suit, you would not be able to investigate the Ship, which is endangering you.

What is the Sub Nautica Aurora Code?

When it was published in 2014, Subnautica was the breakout game. In the game, you explore the seas of an extraterrestrial planet and collect resources along the way. The Aurora should be one of the incredible top sights in Subnautica.

But how do you find the treasures concealed behind so many locked doors? There is no need to be anxious; we are here to help. Let’s go over the requirements for getting started and the Subnautica Aurora codes.

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How to get the Subnautica Aurora codes?

Before breaking any of the codes, you must first find a way into the Subnautica Aurora. There are two choices for getting to your primary site from here. The introductory section is along the coast, close to the destruction.

At the point when you arrive at the right half of the shore, pass through the entryway behind the floodlight. The entry straightforwardly prompts Aurora’s research centre.

If you don’t want to go to the beach, you may go to the ship’s front, where there is a ramp. When you reach the opposite side of the slope, you’ll see a tunnel leading directly into the Aurora.

List of Subnautica Aurora Codes

  • Captain’s Quarters – 2679
  • Cargo Bay – 1454
  • Locker Room – 1869
  • Robotics Bay – 6666
  • Lab Access – 6483

How to redeem the Subnautica Aurora Codes?

To enact the Subnautica Aurora codes, move toward the entryway and direct them toward the control board. You should tap on the buttons to enter the essential order. The redemption of these Subnautica Aurora coupons is really simple.

When the scavenger is close enough to the gate they wish to open, they simply point to the control panel and enter the Subnautica door codes. The codes are redeemed when you enter the command keys, and the doors are unlocked for you.

How do We Enter the Aurora in Subnautica?

You can involve the fire quencher in the left-hand box or bring your own. Ensure that the flames are entirely extinguished; even a tiny amount might damage you or ignite a more significant fire. You may now pass through the entryway and congratulate yourself! You’ve shown up at Aurora.

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We’ve combined a list of the latest Subnautica Aurora Codes that you may use to experience the Aurora Coordinates. We’ll keep this page updated when new aurora Subnautica codes become available, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date Subnautica Aurora Codes code. 

All of the Subnautica door codes required for the game are mentioned above. Don’t forget to carry the right equipment when exploring the aurora, and don’t forget to search around thoroughly before giving up on getting access to a chamber.

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