Shattered Psycho Online Tier List (December 2023)

Hi guys, are you a fan of Shattered Psycho Online and searching for the best tier list? Don’t worry, I will help!

Shattered Psycho Online is a popular Roblox game where players can collect and use different blades to battle each other. Each blade has its own unique abilities and stats, and players can use their blades to create their own unique playstyles.

In this article, I will provide a tier list of the most popular blades in Shattered Psycho Online. This list is based on my own research and experience, as well as feedback from other players.

Shattered Psycho Online Tier List

SRuthless Black
SEvil Punisher
SLady Moon
SPast Master
ADarkness Aroma
ALethal Gaze
AEvil Healer
ALife Reaver
BEndless Night
BRegina Fatale
BRose of Thorns
BEternal Will
CMecha Emperor
CDemonic Soul
CMerciless White


This tier list can be a helpful tool when choosing which blades to use in Shattered Psycho Online. However, it is important to remember that the tier list is subjective and may vary depending on your play style and team composition. Always do your own research before choosing a blade.

I hope you like our curated tier list! Good luck with your Shattered Psycho Online adventure!

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