Shotgun Farmers Codes (June 2024)

Hello there! Are you searching for some working Shotgun Farmer Codes? Then you are at the perfect place. So, basically in this article we are gonna mention some of the latest working promo codes which will provide you with some exciting rewards.

Shotgun Farmers Codes will provide you with some unique profile badges like Chicken profile badges, Cow profile badges, Horse profile badges, pig profile badges, and you can get some outfit items like headgear and many more.

Shotgun Farmers is a Multiplayer, FPS, First-person shooting game that makes you experience some fun and entertainment. This game is famous among teenagers because this has a multiplayer gaming mode that attracts the youth. It is recommended to try this game if you are still new to this game.

Latest Shotgun Farmers Codes

In this section, we are gonna mention some of the latest working gift codes of Shotgun Farmers. These codes are collected from the official website and their social media handles.

  • tiktokbok this code unlocks a chicken profile badge (I am Bok Bok).
  • tiktokmoo this code unlocks a cow profile badge (I am Moo Moo).
  • tiktokneigh this code unlocks a horse profile badge (I am Neigh Neigh).
  • tiktokoink this code unlocks a pig profile badge (I am Oink Oink).
  • tiktokkaw this code unlocks a crow profile badge (I am Kaw Kaw)

Few More Badges To Unlock

  • Carrocket: 250 Carrocket Launcher Kills
  • Anniversary 2018: 1 Anniversary Match Played
  • Anniversary 2019: 1 Anniversary Match Played
  • Bun Bun: 20 Easter Matches Played
  • Bombkin: 1 Halloween Match Played
  • Survivor: 1 Horde Wave Survived
  • Cornstalker: 5 Horde Waves Survived
  • Juggstalker: 30 Horde Waves Survived
  • Wolf Hunter: 32 Horde Waves Survived
  • Master Survivor: 50 Horde Waves Survived
  • Pumpkrow: 10 Halloween Matches Played
  • Christmas Tree: 1 Winter Match Played
  • Santa Hat: 1 Winter Match Played
  • Snowman: 5 Winter Matches Played
  • Gift Box: 10 Winter Matches Played
  • Mistletoe: 15 Winter Matches Played
  • Candy Cane: 20 Winter Matches Played

How to claim Shotgun Farmers Codes?

Go through these steps to get complete information regarding the redemption of codes.

  • First, Run the game and open up the main menu.
  • Click on the customize Button
  • You will Enter Code on bottom of your screen then tap on it.
  • Here you can Enter your favaurable code from above list.
  • Just hit the Submit Button.
  • Hence you have succefully Claim the gift code.

End Words

In this article, we have tried to provide some of the latest working Shotgun Farmers codes. For more such articles you can bookmark our site so that you can get the latest codes of the different games at less effort.

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