Sims 3 Serial and Registration Codes for Free (2023)

Our Sims 3 serial codes post contains all the working CD serial codes that can be used to register and activate Sims 3 for free.

Latest Sims 3 Serial and Registration Codes

Active codes:

  • KGHH-ZZVR-S1I4-Z1X2-1911
  • DNA2-SGFE-C5G4-32S4-1911
  • HXQY-ZRM3-J4U5-V7Q0-1911
  • 9X7P-7YYW-3P6S-CAA7-A8AE
  • 4T8G-T9J4-QM7K-6FNS-NP5D
  • VM44-M2ZB-BU7U-XC2W-2QX3
  • EWZH-6YL8-M7F6-F2W2-1911
  • WPS2-229S-X4BE-CX4R-JRLD

How to Activate the Original Sims using the Sims 3 Registration Code?

  1. You will be able to search the player keys profile for all users who have listed their games on the Sims website.
  2. Using a premium tool if the downloaded free software key finder doesn’t work. Many of these programs will allow you to export or copy the key, so that you can save it elsewhere where, if you need it, you can access it.
  3. Check for the registration code in the Window Register but make sure you do not make needless modifications to make the device trouble.
  4. If you use the original gaming interface, go to My Games and press the Sims gaming button. Choose the View Game information; under the product code area, you’ll get the code.
  5. Right-click on the game and choose Show game details (nvm the pictures, it should be the same for NFS). The code should be there

How to Find your Serial Code?


If you are unable to find your serial code then you need to follow the steps below, the steps are pretty simple. Do let us know if you are having trouble!

  • Click on the following link:
  • Make sure you are logged in (top right corner)
  • Click on the blue button “Contact a Game Advisor
  • Enter the name of your game or product (or “Origin” for account-related issues) and click “Find Solutions”
  • Select the type of issue and the platform you play on, and click on “Find Solutions“.
  • Click on the blue button “I still need help” if the FAQ articles do not apply to your situation.
  • Select a contact option. Note that you may get different contact options depending on your country.

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