Slayers Unleased Codes for Rerolls & Boosts (March 2023)

Slayers Unleashed code can provide free rerolls during the latest update, v0.831, which will help you kick your efficiency. Slayers released code regulations up a notch when facing an array of monsters.

Utilizing these codes within Slayers Unleashed can give players various variations within Roblox. This allows players to alter the way they play your character when they’re interested in trying something different in your playing.

It will take players into a perilous world where they can customize their character and fight opponents in PvP and PvE. We’ve gathered all available Slayer Unleashed codes in June 2022 that you require to make your experience more enjoyable.

List of Slayers Unleashed codes

If you see the number beside the code inside brackets, you may also change the last number in a code on shelves to unlock different variations. For instance, code race1! It is also a valid code rrace2  and much more than 8 in a few cases.

  • HolidaysExpBoost – Exp Boost
  • HolidaysExpBoost2 – Exp Boost
  • HolidaysExpBoost3 – Exp Boost
  • HolidaysExpBoost4 – Exp Boost
  • HolidaysExpBoost5 – Exp Boost
  • HolidaysMarkReroll – Rewards
  • HolidaysMarkReroll2 – Rewards
  • HolidaysMarkReroll3 – Rewards
  • HolidaysMarkReroll4 – Rewards
  • HolidaysMarkReroll5 – Rewards
  • HolidaysRaceReroll – Race Reroll
  • HolidaysRaceReroll2 – Race Reroll – Race Reroll
  • HolidaysRaceReroll3 – Race Reroll
  • HolidaysRaceReroll4 – Race Reroll
  • HolidaysRaceReroll5 – Race Reroll
  • HolidaysBreathingReroll – Breathing Reset
  • HolidaysBreathingReroll2 – Breathing Reset
  • HolidaysBreathingReroll3 – Breathing Reset
  • HolidaysBreathingReroll4 – Breathing Reset
  • HolidaysBreathingReroll5 – Breathing Reset
  • HolidaysClanReroll – Clan reroll
  • HolidaysClanReroll2 – Clan reroll
  • HolidaysClanReroll3 – Clan reroll
  • HolidaysClanReroll4 – Clan reroll
  • HolidaysClanReroll5 – Clan reroll
  • HolidaysBDAReroll – Rewards
  • HolidaysBDAReroll2 – Rewards
  • HolidaysBDAReroll3 – Rewards
  • HolidaysBDAReroll4 – Rewards
  • HolidaysBDAReroll5 – Rewards
  • Upd99BDAReroll – Rewards
  • Upd99BDAReroll2 – Rewards
  • Upd99BDAReroll3 – Rewards
  • Upd99BDAReroll4 – Rewards
  • NewYearsExpBoost – Exp Boost
  • NewYearsExpBoost2 – Exp Boost
  • NewYearsExpBoost3 – Exp Boost
  • NewYearsClanReroll – Clan reroll
  • NewYearsClanReroll2 – Clan reroll
  • NewYearsBreathingReroll – Breathing Reset
  • NewYearsBreathingReroll2 – Breathing Reset
  • NewYearsBreathingReroll3 – Breathing Reset
  • Upd99ClanReroll – Clan reroll
  • Upd99ClanReroll2 – Clan reroll
  • Upd99ClanReroll3 – Clan reroll
  • NewYearsBDAReroll – Rewards
  • NewYearsBDAReroll2 – Rewards
  • NewYearsBDAReroll3 – Rewards
  • Upd99RaceReroll – Race Reroll
  • Upd99RaceReroll2 – Race Reroll
  • Upd99RaceReroll3 – Race Reroll
  • ChristmasRaceReroll – Race Reroll
  • NICH1 (1 2)
  • SUNRACER1 (1-6)
  • flameMark1 (1-8)
  • AZAKA_BOSS1 (1-5)
  • fridaybdaaa1 (1-8)
  • floppa1 (1-8)
  • new_upd4te
  • supremacy1 (1-8)
  • t0tem1 (1-5)
  • teentitans1 (1-8)
  • water_b0ss1 (1-5)
  • DRoll1 (1 – 5)
  • BRoll1 (1 – 5)
  • CRoll1 (1 – 5)
  • Reset (1 – 2)
  • MARKZ11 (11, 22)
  • muzan_art1 (1 – 8)

What’s the Goal of the Slayers Unleashed Codes?

As you can see in the above table, Slayer Unleashed codes are helpful for players because they allow rerolls that can help alter a variety of aspects of your character. From breathing techniques to changing your race, and clan, and even rerolling statistics or Demon Arts. The codes are frequently updated and make a massive difference in making your experience more enjoyable.

How do you Redeem Slayers Unleashed Codes?

The redemption of codes within Slayers Unleashed is incredibly easy and requires only just a few steps. Before you begin, however, be sure to become a member of Slayers Unleashed’s official Slayers Unleashed group; otherwise, you’ll not be able to redeem these codes.

  1. Go to the official Slayers Unleashed page and click the big green button to begin the launch.
  2. While playing, you’ll find a chat area to the left of your display.
  3. Open the window and then copy and paste the desired codes from the above.
  4. Enter the code, and a message will appear on the screen when the coupon has been successfully redeemed.
  5. That’s it! Now you’ll have your preferred reroll ready to use.

How to Get More Slayers Unleashed Codes?

To receive additional codes, make sure you’re part of the Slayers Unleashed Discord. Slayers Unleashed Discord is the name of the person, the creator of the game. If it’s not, we’ll update this page with the most current codes, so make to bookmark the page!


Each code is used to perform a specific role in the game, like resetting your race or power level, stat points breathing, and demon art. You must be cautious when using these codes since when you use them, you’ll need to pay back what you reset.

It’s similar to breathing or even demon art. That’s all the codes we have available in Roblox Slayers Unleashed. If you find one that we’re not listing, please let us know via the comments so we can include it as soon as possible!

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